I Want a Job with the Phillies

WikipediaWith the way the Phillies are throwing money around and way overpaying players I am sending them my resume this morning. Maybe I can get a job as the assistant GM? They can have me for a million bucks a year plus good benefits of course, as well all know the price of healthcare is outrageous. I mean heck they gave Marlon Byrd who was on life support in his MLB career last Spring Training a 2 year deal for 16 Million at age 36. Now yesterday they gave Carlos Ruiz who turns 35 in January a 3 year deal for 26 Million dollars. That’s nearly 9 Million a year for Carlos Ruiz for ages 35 through 37 at a physically demanding position. Now Ruiz is a very good catcher, strong behind the plate and for a catcher slightly above average with the bat (his stats from 2012 was his career year don’t expect that again).

Now am I a fan of Carlos Ruiz, of course I am he is a very good player.

But paying good players at age 35 at catcher on a 3 year deal for nearly 9 Million a year is a huge overpay. I am sure the other GM’s in baseball are thrilled with the Phillies contracts with Byrd and Ruiz. While all the outfielders on the free agent market and Brian McCann are very happy with the Phillies.

Late yesterday Tim Hudson signed a 2 year deal for 23 Million dollars with the Giants. Hudson is 38 and by the end of his 2 year deal he will be 40. So given his age there is risk, however believe it or not Hudson the last few years has been very durable. Last year his season ended on a freak play at first base with NY Mets Eric Young injuring his ankle and ending his season. So Hudson only pitched 131+ innings last year. But the previous 3 years Hudson pitched 179, 215 and 228+ innings. Also Hudson won 16 games in 2012, 16 games in 2011 and 17 in 2010. So as long as Hudson stays healthy which again given his age and the wear and tear from his career (15 year career, 2813+ IP) the Giants landed a strong #3 starter in my opinion at a good price.

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