Tulo Not in the Cards & Byrd Flies to Philly

RockiesTulo Not So Fast

Okay so I am sure a lot of you have read on the Net different trade rumors regarding home grown Colorado Rockies star Troy Tulowitzki. Are these rumors real and possible? Yes, but there is a Big But! When you think about it Tulo is a home grown franchise player. If I say to you the Colorado Rockies the first player you would most likely think of is Troy Tulowitzki. Under the right circumstances I could see the Rockies trading Tulo and the Cardinals are a great fit for such a trade.

They have a strong deep farm system with a lot of young players pretty much ready now, they could include one maybe even two young starting pitchers in a package.

But make no mistake for the Rockies to consider a trade from anyone for Tulo it will be a heavy cost in terms of players going to the Rocky Mountain time zone. Tulo who just turned 29 is in the prime of his career is an elite talent and at shortstop to boot. Throw in the fact a team acquiring him can feel good about the fact that Tulo is under team control until 2021. The problem with Tulo is not his performance but staying on the field in terms of games played. Since becoming a full time player in 2007, in Tulo’s 7 year career he has broken 140 games played only 3 times (last year only appeared in 126 games). Throw in the fact that while Tulo is locked up for the next number of years he is owed 134 Million dollars over the next 7 years (ages 29 – 35). If Tulo has had a very difficult time staying healthy (has broken 140 games played only once the last 5 years) in his 20’s can we expect things to change when he is in his 30’s? So given the dollars owed, his failure to stay on the field enough year in year out and the type of player package it would cost to obtain Tulo, I do not see #2 of the Colorado Rockies going anywhere.

Byrd Flies the Coup

Well, Marlon Byrd is the first free agent to sign this off-season, inking a 2 year deal for 16 Million dollars yesterday. Byrd who turned 36 in late August had the best year of his career last season for the Mets and Pirates going 24HR, 88RBI, 75R, 2SB, .291 Avg, .336 OBP. Byrd who was coming off a disastrous 2012 in terms on the field and off (50 game PED Suspension) most thought Byrd’s career was over. The New York Mets gave Byrd a spring training invite last year and really made the team due to the fact the Mets hardly had any outfielders. But Byrd turned in a tremendous year in 2013 and cashed in this off-season. I have to say that if Marlon Byrd is getting a 2 year deal for 16 Million dollars in free agency then this is going to be one very expensive off-season in terms of contracts for free agents for teams in MLB.

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