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MLB Ticket Sales Low on the List of Revenue

2014 will be an historical year for MLB revenue as it is quite possible revenues will hit 9 Billion dollars. That’s Billion with a B folks. Last year 2013 was a record breaking year by MLB breaking 8 Billion dollars. This year will be another huge jump. What is amazing is this is not the economy of the booming mid to late 90’s. But like many forms of entertainment business is booming.

Back in the day when I was growing up teams use to focus on attendance and getting people to the ballpark as a main source of income. Well times have changed. MLB with their national TV contracts with ESPN, FOX and TBS bring in 1.5 Billion combined from those 3 networks with their recent deals. Those revenues in baseball are split evenly among the 30 clubs so that’s 50 Million dollars per club per year. In addition MLB has grown their Digital Rights arm of the business substantial over the last number of years. This brought in 620 Million worth of revenue in 2012. That’s a little over 20 Million per club per year (again these revenues shared equally among the clubs) and I am sure there was an increase in 2013.

Then I get into new local TV deals among the clubs and business is thriving there as well. Some teams like the Mets and Yankees own their own TV networks. Continue reading MLB Ticket Sales Low on the List of Revenue

All Quiet on Western Front for Remaining MLB Free Agents

baseball-big-swing free clipartWell we have have hit New Years Day and there are still some really good free agents on the board in MLB. This is not unusually, however lately we haven’t heard a peep where these free agents will eventually wind up.

The Tanaka posting situation has held up the other starting pitchers on the market in Garza, E.Santana, U.Jimenez and Arroyo. Teams are interested in these pitchers and likewise in terms of the players with those teams.

However these other starting pitchers on the board not named Tanaka are most likely plan B and C options for many teams out there.

For instance a week or so ago there was a report that the Yankees have spoken to Bronson Arroyo but maybe the Yankees thinking is if we lose out on Tanaka we will go after Arroyo aggressively. Maybe Arroyo’s number one choice is to go to the Yankees so he wants to see how things play out as well. This is just some idle speculation on my part between Arroyo and the Yankees but I can understand in regards to the starting pitching why it’s dragging out a bit and the rumor mill is quiet. Continue reading All Quiet on Western Front for Remaining MLB Free Agents

Tanaka Posting & Implications

Masahiro TanakaWell finally Masahiro Tanaka posting process has started. For a while there it looked like it may not happen at all this off-season, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News has reported that the 30 day process well end no later than January 24th. But there are few questions to answer.

Who are the serious contenders for Tanaka?

Early word has the Yankees, Angels, Cubs and Diamondbacks as the serious players for Tanaka. I am sure more teams will get involved but these are the early favorities.

Cano, A-Rod & Matsui how do they play into Tanaka?

Everyone knows the Yankees need another front line starting pitching and Masahiro Tanaka seems like a perfect fit provided the Yankees are very high on him. If the Yankees are high on Tanaka expect them to be very aggressive to land him. Keep in mind the Yankees have Cano’s 25 Million dollar salary they offered him to play with in terms of their 2014 budget. Continue reading Tanaka Posting & Implications