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NLCS Preview & Prediction

Well then there was four. The MLB season is down to the LCS series and the teams left standing are the Royals and the Orioles in the junior circuit and the Giants and the Cardinals in the senior circuit. To me the Giants and the Cardinals are mirror images of each other. They are very good teams where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Also these organizations know how to win in October. Both teams beat much more talented opponents in their NLDS respective series in 4 games. Teams with top talent such as the Dodgers, Angels and Nationals should analyze the Giants and Cardinals organization in helping them take the next step. But now the Giants and Cardinals face off against each other in the LCS for the second time in three  ears.

When breaking down this series what jumps out at me is that this we be a long series and games that should be very tight contests in every game. In terms of the starting pitching these teams are similar. Both are lead by aces, Wainwright for the Cards and Bumgarner for the Giants and the rest of the starting staffs are solid. The bullpens are a strength for both squads as well. I would say the Giants do have a little more experience in the bullpen. Continue reading NLCS Preview & Prediction


AL EastThe first two months of baseball are in the books. Its the first of June, and like anticipated the AL East is a wide open race. Before the season, many “experts” believed the Blue Jays would be one of the top teams. Well, that’s what makes baseball so remarkable. You can’t predict anything.

The Jays are plagued with injuries and find themselves in the basement of the division.

The Rays, Yankees, Red Sox, and Orioles are all within 2 games. They all have 30 wins and all could be leading in other divisions around the league. This season has been full of surprises and it has a long 4 months to go.

Here are my 3 BOLD predictions for the upcoming months. Continue reading AL EAST TIGHTENS UP: 3 BOLD PREDICTIONS

Is Miguel Cabrera one of greatest baseball players after his first ten seasons? NO

Top tenA lot of people this year have been saying that Miguel Cabrera will become one of the greatest baseball players ever. This being Cabrera’s eleventh season in the show, I decided to evaluate how he compares to some of baseball greatest hitters in their first ten seasons in WAR and homeruns.  Players that were evaluated were Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, Ken GriffeyJr, Hank Aaron and Stan Musial.  Some key things, first thing was Babe Ruth only became a batter in 1920 when he was traded to the Yankees before that he was pitcher with the Redsox when he started his career in 1914.

Another thing Ted Williams was out for three seasons, due to World War two if he was not out I believe  he would have had more homeruns then Babe Ruth.

Babe Ruth is regard as the greatest baseball player of the twenty century. He played 22 seasons being a hitter and pitcher for the New Yankees and the Boston Red Sox however he ended his career with another team in Boston called the Braves.  During his first ten years while he played for the New Yankees as a hitter he had amazing homerun totals and WAR which is unheard even in today’s game. He had 496 homeruns with a WAR of 112.6. He also won his only MVP during this time which was in 1923. Continue reading Is Miguel Cabrera one of greatest baseball players after his first ten seasons? NO