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Funniest MLB Baseball Fails and Bloopers Ever!

We know you miss baseball, and spring training seems so far away. To get you over the winter blues and back to thinking about baseball we thought we would bring you some of the best of baseball bloopers. Check it out:

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Every MLB Fan has an Opinion

Because the MLB season is so long – it is unique in pro sports, The months and months of games leaves a lot of wiggle room for errors and shuffling of players. In the NFL you are dead as a manager or coach if you don’t realize your mistakes and errors – quickly. This difference between MLB and the NFL allows fan speculation to run wild and it is always fun to hear what people have to say. Check this video on MLB predictions for 2014. If you have an opinion on MLB – make sure you contact us. We are always looking for bloggers.

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Baseball Under Review

Today the powers-that-be decided to expand instant replay in Major League Baseball. Good. And also bad.

It’s good because plays that are missed by the umpires will get a second look. This will right some wrongs for sure. See Armando Galarraga and his experience with Jim Joyce and the “28-Out Perfect Game“. Joyce is a good umpire and admitted his mistake.

Fixing these things is good for baseball.

It’s bad because plays will be challenged for the wrong reasons at times. Managers will challenge a play just because a certain umpire is calling the game or because of a previous argument. Another I can foresee is a challenge that is solely dedicated to the purpose of getting a relief pitcher warm. Or to change the flow of a game and stem the tide of the other team’s momentum. Continue reading Baseball Under Review