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Life – it’s just a slump you’re going through

It is said that life is just a metaphor for baseball.  Sometimes we need a foot up the jacksy to realise it.

Here in Australia there is currently a huge emphasis on the effects of depression. The “Beyond Blue” organisation has been massive in raising awareness and assistance for those that suffer from the disease. Indeed, mental illness is no longer a taboo subject spoken of in hushed whispers but rather a conversation of mainstream Australia and as a result is becoming better understood. We, as a society, are slowly adjusting our behaviours to make the plight of those suffering depression easier by better understanding the disease and how we can best help those afflicted. Professional expertise is also benefiting from the raised awareness and increased funding and for those who suffer clinical depression, these professionals, their advice and assistance are crucial.

To my surprise a sibling of mine recently asked me ‘how are you going?’  Not such a staggering question, but the abnormality of it and the emphasis on the ‘going’ rang an alarm bell. Turns out, a friend of mine had suggested to my family that I was suffering depression. Yes, it’s true, I have been a bit down; things have been a bit of a grind. I never considered it myself. I just figured I was in a bit of a slump.

Spurred on by the suggestion, I checked the web. Surely the internet can tell me if this was true! I took a pop quiz, worked my way through an online assessment. Moderate depression was the diagnosis. Wow.  Continue reading Life – it’s just a slump you’re going through


Count me in as one of the people against wanting to see the DH spread into the NL as well. While it does seem almost inevitable that the National League will follow in the footsteps of the American League and start using DH’s eventually, I sincerely hope this never happens. It’s not necessarily that I like pitchers batting better, and I also don’t prefer the DH either.

I simply like the fact that each league is different. Each side has legitimate arguments that it is a better way of doing business. The NL offers more strategy from the managers, who have to debate whether to leave in his pitcher if that spot in the order comes up at a crucial time. And NL managers are much more likely to pull the double-switch, as well as other factors. But, the DH position offers players nearer the end of their careers a chance to play another season or two, even if their defensive skill set is dwindling. Continue reading TO DH OR NOT DH?


A walk-off home run? A no-hitter? Someone hitting for the cycle? Something different, maybe? Which would you rather see when you enjoy a day at ballpark? While any or all of these would be exciting and would serve as something to remember for years to come, I personally always root for seeing a no-hitter whenever I make a trip to see a baseball game.

So much so that I’ll cheer for both team’s starting pitchers until they each allow a hit. Why you ask is that which I prefer? A walk-off home run would be a real-thriller but that excitement would only really start during the last inning and could potentially even be a solo-shot where you didn’t even have a chance to build up excitement. A cycle is also an impressive feat that I’d like to see but you also might not easily realize that a player is closing in on one until late in the game and also the peak of excitement would only come when that player is up to bat every 2-3 innings.