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2013 MLB Draft: The Big 3

2013 MLB DraftThe draft is less than a week away and there is still no clear cut #1 overall pick. At the begging of the year high school outfielder Austin Meadows was looked at as the top highschooler player, now Kohl Stewart is probably going to be the first highschooler then Clint Frazier.

Back to the “Big 3”

My second to last mock draft of the top 5:

1. Collin Morran, North Carolina

2. Mark Appel

3. Kris Bryant

4. Jonathan Gray

5. Kohl Stewart

I do not consider Collin Morran a top 3 prospect but Houston is very much considering a hitter to save money, for later rounds. Continue reading 2013 MLB Draft: The Big 3

Colome Shines in Big League Debut for Tampa Bay

Alex ColomeDue to a finger injury to Alex Cobb the Rays were forced to call up 24-year-old righty Alex Colome from Durham. The Rays pushed back Matt Moore’s start from Thursday against the Marlins to Friday against the Indians and Colome did not disappoint in his Major League debut as the Rays beat the Marlins 5-2.

Alex Colome is the nephew of former Devil Rays reliever Jesus Colome and the Dominican-born right-hander struggled slightly in the first inning after allowing two walks and a single but limited the damage to only one unearned run.

Colome fanned both Chris Coghlan and Justin Ruggiano in the first inning.

By the third inning Colome had settled down and was pumping in strikes with his plus-fastball and wicked changeup. He also mixed in a slider/cutter that was used effectively as well. He struggled at times with his fastball command but was able to use his changeup in any situation and made a few Marlins hitters look silly with that change of speed. After the end of the fourth inning Colome had recorded seven strikeouts and only gave up two hits. Continue reading Colome Shines in Big League Debut for Tampa Bay

The Future of Pitching

BaseballOnce I completed my study on predictive stats for hitters, I executed the same research for Starting Pitchers.

2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2011
R-Squared K W L ERA WHIP ?
K 1 0.78 0.53 0.01 0
W 1 0.44 0.01 0
L 1 0.01 0.04
ERA 1 0.69

The stats we want to predict: future Strikeouts, Wins, Losses, ERA and WHIP. The goal of this exercise is to complete this table.

Again, the goal of this study is to determine what stat, or set of stats, is/are the best suited to fill in the blank above. R-Squared tells you how related each stat is, where 1.00 is perfectly related, and 0.00 is totally unrelated. Also, I used five years of performance data, not just 2011-12. Continue reading The Future of Pitching