World Series Preview & Prediction:

Well there has been a lot of exciting games this MLB post season but we have yet to have an exciting series. No Game Fives in the LDS & in the LCS series we had a sweep and a series that went 5 games. Having said that both LCS series were evenly matched and the games were very close and exciting. However we now need a great series to go along with great games. I think we have an excellent chance with that happening in the World Series between the Royals and the Giants.

From a Royals perspective this team cannot be anymore red hot than they already are at this point. In fact I am sure they wished they did not have nearly a week off between the ALCS and the World Series. All of the Royals games have been nail biters except one and yet they are in perfect in the post season with an 8-0 record. The Giants who are in the Fall Classic for the 3rd time in 5 years have not been to shabby themselves with an 8-2 post season record. What is also amazing about this World Series is both squads were Wild Card teams. Let’s break down this series.


The Royals have been scoring runs (42 Runs in 8 Games) by doing everything. They have hit 8 Homers in 8 games, they have used their speed stealing bases (13 steals in 8 games) and running the bases. Most importantly the Royals have been great by getting the timely hit with runners in scoring position. The Royals offense has been lead by Hosmer (.448 Avg & 8RBI), Cain (9 Runs Scored & .353 Avg) & Moustakos (4HR’s). Keep in mind when games 3, 4 & 5 are played in San Francisco that means no DH so that means Billy Butler is a pinch hitter. The Giants offense has been good as well (41 Runs Scored in 10 Games). Continue reading

ALCS Preview & Prediction

We already know the ALCS match ups as both the Orioles and Royals swept their opponents in the 1st round of the playoffs. It’s going to be an off-season for the Angels and Tigers where they have a lot of questions to answer on how to get their squads to the World Series. But today we are only worried about the Royals and Orioles who move on to the ALCS in a best of 7 series. The series starts this Friday October 10th.

This match up has the potential to be a great series. Both the Orioles and Royals are playing great crisp baseball. I like the Royals starting pitching a touch better than Baltimore because they have James Shields at the top of their rotation. After that each days match up should be pretty close to even in terms of the starting pitching. In regards to the bullpen I think it’s a dead heat. The Royals have a three headed monster of Herrera, Davis and Holland. But the O’s have Britton, A.Miller, O’Day and Hunter. In terms of the lineup I have to give the edge to Baltimore. No doubt the Orioles have a lot more thump than KC lead by Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones. But let’s not forget Markakis, Hardy and Pearce for Baltimore as well. For the Royals Eric Hosmer is on fire and while the Royals don’t hit a lot of Home Runs or Walk they can manufacture runs with their speed and playing small ball.

The Royals are a great Cinderella story and it would be terrific for Baseball to have such a team make the World Series. That’s nothing against the Orioles but every sport loves a massive underdog story. Continue reading

ALDS Playoff Predictions

The MLB playoffs got off with a bang last night after a legendary extra inning game between the A’s and the Royals. We now know Kansas City is moving on to the ALDS and facing the Angels. Here is my ALDS predictions.

Detroit vs Baltimore:

Very quietly it seems the Orioles were one of the best teams in baseball this year. Baltimore is a gritty team with a deep lineup and a very deep and talented bullpen. However I am not in love with their starting pitching. The Tigers have plenty of star power between Melky Cabrera, Victor Martinez and the big 3 in the rotation between Scherzer, Price and Valender. However Detroit’s bullpen is scary and not in a good way. To me the key stat of this 5 game series is if these games are tied come the 6th inning. If that holds to form that is a huge advantage for the Orioles. This series is a very tough call.

Orioles in 5 – Tiger bullpen will cost them the series as it did last year versus the Red Sox.

Kansas City vs Angels Continue reading

September Races

Well we have reached September and we have a number of interesting races in Major League Baseball both division and wild card. Let’s take a look.

AL Central:

The Royals enter September 1/2 game lead over 2nd place Detroit but 1 in the loss column. The Royals had a fantastic August going 19-9 (15-3 from August 1 through the 19th), while the Tigers were a very mediocre 16-15. The Royals and Tigers play each other 6 more times (3 at each place). The Royals have 14 games left versus Texas, the White Sox & Boston. While the Tigers 10 of their last 13 are against the Twins and White Sox.

NL Central:

Th Brewers and Cardinals enter September in a dead tie for first with the Pirates just 2 games back. The Brewers have lost 5 in a row and need to get the ship steadied ASAP. The Brewers play the Cardinals 7 more times (4 at home & 3 away) including a big 4 game series starting this Thursday in Milwaukee. The Brew Crew also play the Pirates one more series a 3 gamer at Pittsburgh. The Brewers need to make hay with 12 games left versus the Reds and Cubs. For the Cardinals in addition to a bunch of games versus the Brewers they too go to Pittsburgh for a 3 game series as they have just 1 series left with the Pirates. Continue reading

Early Look at AL Central

Like the AL East all the teams in the AL Central are very close to each other in the standings, as all the teams are right around .500. Lets break it down and take a quick look at each team. Let’s keep in mind all team records and player stats are as of Sunday morning April 27th.

Detroit Tigers:
The Tigers are in first place with a 12-9 record and clearly the class of the division. Kinsler, Rajai Davis and Austin Jackson all off to strong starts. Keep an eye out on rookie Nick Castellanos. Also what is scary is Miguel Cabrera has yet to take flight. The Tigers are going to have to find a shortstop sooner rather than later. Their starting pitching has been strong but their bullpen has been spotty in the early going.

Minnesota Twins:
Twins surprisingly are off to a 12-11 start. That is a great record especially when you consider that 4 of their 5 starting pitchers have ERA’s between 5.14 and 7.32. Also Josh Willingham only has had 17AB’s due to injury and has been a non factor. But Chris Colabello (27RBI), Trevor Plouffe (.419 OBP) and Brian Dozier pop (7HR’s albeit low avg) have been huge for the offense. Continue reading