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One Month To Play and The Rays Will Make A September Run

WikipediaI know, the Tampa Bay Rays are currently in a mini-tailspin but don’t worry the team is set up for a big September. The schedule to close out the season is daunting with games against every division opponent and four games against the Texas Rangers, who are fighting for a playoff spot of their own.

The AL Wild Card game is on October 2nd and unless the Red Sox suffer another September meltdown the Rays look to be heading for that Wild Card game.

Tampa Bay is 2-8 over their last 10 ballgames and the West Coast swing can be the easy explanation for the Rays’ woes of late.

The weakened pitching staff and frigid bats didn’t help either but a healthy pitching staff and the return of a former first pick will ignite the Rays playoff push.

As of today Tampa Bay trails the Red Sox by 5.5 games but are still leading the second wild card spot by 2.5 games. With 26 games to play expect the bats to come alive once again and lead the team into the postseason. Continue reading

Breaking Down AL Playoff Race

English: Boston Red Sox Cap Logo

English: Boston Red Sox Cap Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Folks we should be in for a crazy ride the final 6 weeks for the playoff race in the AL. The NL the only drama will be is who will win the NL Central between the Pirates, Cardinals and Reds, which will result with the 2nd and 3rd place teams playing in a 1 game wild card playoff game. But focusing on the AL race the Tigers should easily win their division (up by 6 games in the loss column) so I am going to write them in for the playoffs. All remaining spots are totally up for grabs. As of Thursday morning August 22nd the Red Sox are in 1st place in the AL East but by only 1 game over the Tampa Bay Rays. Out West the Rangers are in 1st place over the A’s but only by 2.5 games and only 2 games in the loss column. So let’s break down the teams who are fighting for a playoff spot in the AL by looking at their schedule.

Boston Red Sox:

- In 1st place with a 1 game lead over the Rays and lead the Indians the team
closest to them out of the playoff picture by 4 games in the loss column.
- Only have 33 games left of which 18 are at home and 15 are on the road.

- They play the Orioles 9 more times (6 at home) and the Yankees 7 more times

- Only have 3 games left versus the Rays at the Trop (Sept 10-12)
- Also have 3 games left at Dodgers and 3 games left home to the Tigers Continue reading

Royals E9 The Will Myers Trade

Wil MyersLast winter the Kansas City Royals decided with all their young core hitters in Perez, Hosmer, Escobar, Moustakas, Gordon & Cain and their lack of starting pitching at the major league level, that they would trade one of the best prospects in all of baseball in outfielder Will Myers. While it’s never easy to trade someone with the talent of Will Myers and given his youth but you have to give to get. So I understood the Royals thinking.

However the Royals traded Myers along with two other minor leaguers including pitching prospect Mike Montgomery for yes a front of the rotation starter for sure in Shields.

However, James Shields was just 2 years away from free agency at the time of the trade and Myers will be under Rays control through the 2019 season. Shields who turns 32 in the off-season will be just 1 year away from free agency after this season and will be in line for probably a 5 year deal at big money after next season. Can the Royals afford to pay that kind of contract? I thought when this trade went down that the Royals would try and sign Shields to an extension last winter. That never happened. The Royals also got Wade Davis in the deal who they felt could be at least a good back of the rotation starter. That has not happened so far this year. Continue reading