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ALDS Playoff Predictions

The MLB playoffs got off with a bang last night after a legendary extra inning game between the A’s and the Royals. We now know Kansas City is moving on to the ALDS and facing the Angels. Here is my ALDS predictions.

Detroit vs Baltimore:

Very quietly it seems the Orioles were one of the best teams in baseball this year. Baltimore is a gritty team with a deep lineup and a very deep and talented bullpen. However I am not in love with their starting pitching. The Tigers have plenty of star power between Melky Cabrera, Victor Martinez and the big 3 in the rotation between Scherzer, Price and Valender. However Detroit’s bullpen is scary and not in a good way. To me the key stat of this 5 game series is if these games are tied come the 6th inning. If that holds to form that is a huge advantage for the Orioles. This series is a very tough call.

Orioles in 5 – Tiger bullpen will cost them the series as it did last year versus the Red Sox.

Kansas City vs Angels Continue reading ALDS Playoff Predictions

Who is Going to Win the World Series?

That is a good question on who is going to win the World Series. Because when we look at all the teams we believe are definitely going to make the post season as well as those most likely it’s very hard question to answer. Every team has it’s strengths but also at least one glaring weakness if not two.

American League:

Anaheim: If Garrett Richards is lost for the season after last nights game in Boston that could be the difference of the Angels from just being a playoff team to a World Series contender. I like Joe Smith and Huston Street but I also have questions about the Angels getting outs late in games as well.

Baltimore: I like the lineup and I really like the bullpen although they are inexperienced in the posts season. Big difference between getting outs late in games in the regular season versus the post season. But having said that the Orioles have a strong bullpen. However the Orioles starting rotation is decent. But can a team get through 3 grueling rounds of the post season with just a decent starting rotation? Continue reading Who is Going to Win the World Series?

American League Team Questions as we head to Winter Meetings

American LeagueOkay so I have put together a number of questions and open points for all the American League teams as we are getting close to Baseball’s Winter Meetings come December 9th. Lets take a look at the teams.

AL East:

Baltimore: Will Machado be ready come opening day?

Who is in Left Field and at 2B? With JJ Hardy 1 year away from free agency do the Orioles try and resign him now? Do the Orioles try and land a front line starting pitcher?

Boston: All questions are around their own free agents on whether or not if they will be back and if not where do the Sox go. Boston’s big free agents are Ellsbury, Napoli, Saltalamacchia and Uehara.

New York: Will Cano be a Yankee? If not the Yanks will replace him with a big bat. Seems like Kuroda will be back but Yanks would still need to add another starting pitcher (Tanaka?) Will the Yanks sign Joe Nathan to close and have Robertson stay the setup man? If A-Rod gets a lengthy suspension who plays 3B? Continue reading American League Team Questions as we head to Winter Meetings