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Rob Manfred

MLB Gets a New Commissioner

Major League Baseball (MLB) has finally decided on a new Commissioner. Bud Selig, who has been the Commissioner since 1992, is retiring and Rob Manfred will take over on January 25, 2015. Manfred, who is a lawyer focuses on labor and employment law, and is also a business executive. He worked with MLB during the collective bargaining sessions and was the main spokesperson during the 1994–95 strike. He was outside counsel to the owners group before joining MLB on a full-time basis in 1998, serving as the Executive Vice President of Economics and League Affairs. He has served as the Chief Operating Officer of MLB since 2013.

Although baseball is strong financially right now, and growing, there are still several issues facing the new Commissioner. Let’s take a look at a few issues that need to be addressed as soon as Manfred takes office.

Currently average attendance is at about 30,500 fans per game, which is not far from the record of 32,785 set in 2007, before the recession. But, baseball will need to find ways to shorten the game to continue to increase attendance at all stadiums and even TV viewership.

Attention spans are shorter than ever these days, and that will only increase with the next generation of sports fans. Thirty years ago the average time of a game was around 2 hours and 35 minutes. This season, through last Sunday’s games, it has increased to 3 hours 2 minutes, which would be the longest season average on record. Everyone, including players, owners, and even umpires understands this problem. Continue reading


Baseball Hitting Numbers on Steep Decline

Well the baseball hitting stats continue to trend downwards in 2014. We see it all over baseball most teams have such a hard time scoring runs. Let’s break it down.

Home Runs:
Remember the slogan chicks love the love long ball. Well they aren’t digging it now. Home Runs are down about 10 Percent this year. There are 0.87 HR‘s per game. Last year it was 0.96 and in 2012 it was 1.02. If we go back a few years as a big picture comparison in 2006 it was 1.11 (down 22%) & in 2000 it was 1.17 (down 26%). Obviously the new PED program has had an effect and there have been some new ballparks that have been more pitcher friendly such as the Mets, Twins. Marlins and Cardinals to name a few. But in essence power hitters are becoming at a premium.

Runs per game so far this year is in slight decline at 4.09 runs per game compared to last years number of 4.17. However when you compare this years number to 2012 of 4.32 (down 5.5%) there is a difference. When we go back to 2006 when it was 4.86 runs per game (down 16%) & 2000 when it was 5.14 (down 20%) it is a stark difference. Continue reading

mike trout 2

Is this finally the year, Mike Trout wins the AL MVP or will Jose Abreu ruin his red carpet celebration?

We have reached the midway point of the MLB season with the All-Star event where Yoenis Cespedes won his second straight HR derby. The big game saw the AL beat the NL by a score of 5-3 which means the AL has received home field advantage for this year’s World Series. The big topic that is everyone mind right now is who will win the AL MVP as the top two in the race are Mike Trout, WAR king and previous two season’s runner up vs. the new Cuban phenomenon, Jose Abreu. There are debates for both players on why they should win the AL MVP in the next couple paragraphs I will discuss some of these topics.

Mike Trout has been one of the best players in the game for past three seasons. There is nothing that he cannot do, He can hit, and he can threw and can also make amazing defensive plays in the outfield like an angel from the heavens. He began his MLB career at the tender age of 19 when LA called him up on July 8, 2011. In 2011, He had five homeruns and 16 RBIs in 40 games; he also had BA of .220. The year, 2012 was Trout rookie season we he proved to the baseball world the true definition of what the stat, WAR really meant. Continue reading