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Thirty Teams and their Lopsided Seasons

Many fans pay attention to how well certain teams play and handle the game and if they play so well they are clearly at a higher level than other teams, many fans will think that said team will definitely make the playoffs, probably win the division.

However, a six month, 162-game season calls for otherwise projections. All 30 teams seem to have long, hot stretches where their offense, rather having seven high-caliber All-Stars or five guys picked up from DFA waivers, will plaster opposing pitchers producing what seems to be 7+ run games nearly every game. During said hot stretch, teams give that starting pitcher in Triple-A an opportunity to make his major league debut and he throws 7 shutout innings, and later that game, the rookie reliever nails his 1st career save chance on a closer’s night off, making fans not just happy about the hot stretch, but hopeful for the future. With those hot stretches comes to be a jump in standings, perhaps a jump from 4th to 3rd, 5th to 2nd, or 3rd to 1st in their division.

After a great three weeks or so, teams will then undergo a stretch when suddenly 2 starting pitchers are placed on the DL, the bullpen explodes, and the offense cannot score on constant complete game shutouts. Then, fans find a has-been starter pop up from Triple-A and that prospect that had spent about a month in Double-A starting instead of the good guys on the DL. The trusted closer blew 3 saves in the past 8 games and that rookie reliever that got the save that one time was sent down to the minors to keep his innings to a minimum and to make room for that has-been starter living off of minor-league contracts. Those three All-Star hitters are all having a hard time finding good pitches to hit as of late and then fans have lost all hope for playoff contention.

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MLB 9 Innings – Daily Recap for September 26 2014

MLB 9 Innings provides a daily recap of the previous day’s events in Major League Baseball. You can see what is happening in the Majors in a quick glance. Included in today’s edition: Derek Jeter goes out in style in New York, the Giants clinch a spot in the post-season, a new GM in Arizona is announced, Phil Hughes gives up a chance at $500,000, the Kansas City Royals are close to breaking a 28-year playoff drought and much more.

First – Derek Jeter looked like his final game at Yankee Stadium was going to be ruined as the bullpen gave up three runs in the top of the ninth to the Baltimore Orioles to tie the game. Then Jeter came to the plate with one out and a runner on second base. The Yankees captain took the first offering from Evan Meeks and hit it the other way, scoring Antoan Richardson and giving New York the dramatic win. It was a fitting way for the long-time Yankees shortstop to end his brilliant career at home.

Second – The San Francisco Giants are finally post-season bound, as the Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday afternoon, 5-3. The loss eliminated the Brewers and gave the Giants the final wild card berth without them even having to take the field. Three Brewers errors led to two unearned runs, which was the difference in the game.

Third – The Seattle Mariners kept their playoff chances alive with a 7-5 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. The victory snapped a five-game losing streak for the team. Logan Morrison hit two home runs in the win and closer Fernando Rodney collected his 47th save. Continue reading MLB 9 Innings – Daily Recap for September 26 2014

Early Look at AL Central

Like the AL East all the teams in the AL Central are very close to each other in the standings, as all the teams are right around .500. Lets break it down and take a quick look at each team. Let’s keep in mind all team records and player stats are as of Sunday morning April 27th.

Detroit Tigers:
The Tigers are in first place with a 12-9 record and clearly the class of the division. Kinsler, Rajai Davis and Austin Jackson all off to strong starts. Keep an eye out on rookie Nick Castellanos. Also what is scary is Miguel Cabrera has yet to take flight. The Tigers are going to have to find a shortstop sooner rather than later. Their starting pitching has been strong but their bullpen has been spotty in the early going.

Minnesota Twins:
Twins surprisingly are off to a 12-11 start. That is a great record especially when you consider that 4 of their 5 starting pitchers have ERA’s between 5.14 and 7.32. Also Josh Willingham only has had 17AB’s due to injury and has been a non factor. But Chris Colabello (27RBI), Trevor Plouffe (.419 OBP) and Brian Dozier pop (7HR’s albeit low avg) have been huge for the offense. Continue reading Early Look at AL Central