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Beat The Streak Picks July 23rd

Pick of the day: Mike Trout
Pitching for the Royals is Will Smith who has a 7.97 ERA through 4 starts this season. In his previous start, he allowed 8 hits through 6.1 innings. Will Smith has a BAA of .340 vs Right Handed Batters. As stellar as Mike Trout has been this season, this makes him a great pick. Mike Trout has a BA of .356 vs Left Handed Pitchers, a BA of .356 at home, and a BA of .372 at Night. I strongly believe he will get a hit.

Pick 2: Paul Konerko

Pitching for the Twins is Cole De Vries who has a 3.95 ERA this season.

In his previous start, he allowed 5 hits through 6 innings giving up 1 earned run. Strong pitcher, why would we pick someone to get a hit against him? In Konerko’s career vs De Vries (3 ABs), he is 2/3 with a HR. Also De Vries has a .296 BAA vs Right Handed Batters. Paul Konerko has a BA of .344 vs Right Handed Pitchers. Also Konerko has a BA of .389 against the Twins this season. Konerko is a solid pick for tomorrow.

-Michael Franklin

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Beat The Streak: A game to challenge the arrogant, the dumb, and your typical baseball fan.

wallpapers-free.co.ukThe concept of the game is simple; pick who you think will get a hit that day. If they don’t get a hit, your streak is 0, sounds simple, right? It turns out that to win the game, you need to get a Hit Streak of 56. Seem familiar? That’s the hit streak the great Joe DiMaggio produced. The game has been going on since 2011 and nobody has reached the fated 56 in a row.

So MLB.com decided to raise the stakes for 2012 by adding the Double Down option.

The Double Down gives you the option of picking 2 batters to get a hit for the specific day.

The catch is, if both batters do not get a hit, then you lose your streak. If both batters record a hit, then you will be awarded with 2 wins towards your streak. As an aggressive player, I personally double down everyday despite my streak. Continue reading