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Cano Welcome to the Emerald City

SeattleWow each day is a hot stove bonanza and the Winter Meetings don’t start until this Monday the 9th. Let’s get to the latest.

Cano is Seattle’s Best:

The Robinson Cano saga has finally ended with the Seattle Mariners stepping up with a mega offer of 10 years and 240 Million dollars to lure away Cano to the Pacific North West.

The Mariners are buying years 31 – 40 for Cano. As a die hard Yankee fan who has watched Cano his whole career I can tell Mariners fans the following. You are getting a huge bat in Cano with average and power. He is a lifetime .309 hitter who has hit .300 or better the last 5 years. Cano is a 25 to 30 HR guy who will drive in 100 every year. On defense Cano is unbelievable, great range and one of the strongest arms I have ever seen from a second baseman, as well as being amazing on those shallow fly balls in the outfield making the over the shoulder catch. Continue reading

How Far Have the Mariners Come?

MarinersThe Mariners have put together yet another relatively disappointing season…but is there more to it? Is there any way the M’s have taken a step forward? The optimist in me says: Yes! Absolutely. But as with any other realistic fan, it’s easier to look at the back tracking of the club.

But there are bright spots. No matter how small they are. For example, the Mariners are currently on pace to finish with a 72-89 (h/t Baseball Prospectus) –

which would be a step back but, the Mariners’ offense has improved, despite that not showing in the standings.

Their total oWAR from last year was 16.8..this year? 18.1. The club’s oRAR (Offensive Runs Above Replacement Level) this year has improved by about 20 points since last year. If you’re not a fan of sabermetrics, then you can look at the fact they’ve hit the fourth most HR among AL teams. Continue reading

The Trouble with Ibanez

English: Raul Ibanez entering the dugout

English: Raul Ibanez entering the dugout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some players are like wine, they get better with age. Others are like milk and spoil after time. Raul Ibanez is caught in between fine wine and spoiled milk. Even though he had one of the better first halves, his production has started to gradually decline. Right now, he’s caught between solid player and needs to retire. He’s good enough to be playing on a semi-regular basis but not on an everyday basis.

Over 162 games, Ibanez has averaged a .262 batting average, 24 HR and 94 RBI. This year he has been pretty spot on for him, hitting .248 with 24 HR and 57 RBI. If anything, he’s slightly above par this year (in HR and SLG%, specifically) but that doesn’t make up for his recent struggles…which brings up one of the less talked about subjects among Mariners fans and writers – has Raul Ibanez’ magic run out?

Should he decide not to retire, will the M’s give him another contract?

Some could make the black and white argument, which is: if he produces steadily, he should be given a contract. If he doesn’t, don’t give him a contract. But, as I’m sure you know by now…nothing is black and white. If it were, the M’s wouldn’t be in this position at all. Continue reading