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Babe Ruth and The Called Shot Meets Adversity

WikipediaDid Babe Ruth call his shot?

Most people think so.

We’re all aware Babe Ruth was a legend, but this is clearly a myth.

It was Game 3 of the 1932 World Series.

Cub’s starting pitcher Charlie Root was on the bump with the future hall of famer Gabby Hartnet, behind the plate.

Root struggled in the first inning giving up two base hits to the first Yankee hitters. Babe Ruth came up to bat next and hit a home run into right centerfield bleachers. Continue reading

The Futility of the Chicago Cub’s Since Moving to Wrigley Field.

freebaseballwallpapers.comA while back I wrote a blog about the futility of the Chicago Cub‘s since moving to Wrigley Field. A plethora of changes have taken place since then.

Sam Zell sold the team to the Ricketts family.

The Jim Hendry era ended.

Wrigley Field has received a “marketing make-over”.

The Theo Epstein “experiment” has begun.

And Kerry Wood has officially retired (what a great last outing!).

The two things that haven’t changed since 2009 (which is when the blog was posted) is the Cub’s overall World Series record (8-24) and their post-season consecutive loss streak, which is currently at 8 games. Continue reading