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David Price

Is the Price Right?

The biggest name being floating around as we head to the MLB trade deadline seems to be Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price. Entering into Saturday’s action the Rays are in last place in the AL East with a 42-53 record. The Rays are 10.5 out of first place in the AL East and 10 back in the loss column behind the 2nd wild card team in the Mariners. Unless a big winning streak happens immediately the Rays would consider trading David Price.

The Price Would Be High:
Even though David Price is under team control for Tampa only through next season and Price will get a huge arbitration number this off-season (3rd time arbitration – it will be over 15 Million), the Rays want a lot back in a trade. This is not a situation where the Rays are saying we can’t afford him in the immediate future so we are going to take the best offer we can get. Not at all, the Rays will not trade David Price unless they get a big package or a big future player who is ready for the majors soon. The Cubs trade with the A’s that sent Hammel and Samardzija to Oakland but netted one of the best prospects in baseball in Addison Russell reaffirms the Rays belief. Continue reading


Dodgers OF & Hanley Going Forward

The Dodgers have some tough and tricky decisions to make starting now into the off-season. It revolves around their outfield as well as their big free agent to be after this season in Hanley Ramirez. Let’s take a look at both.

Dodgers Crowded & Problematic Outfield:
There is one given in the Dodger outfield and that’s Puig. The Dodgers have 4 starting outfielders for 3 spots although Carl Crawford is currently on the DL for a while. On top of that the Dodgers on the big club do not have a true Center fielder. The Dodgers top prospect (Ranked #34 on Baseball America Top 100) Joc Pederson appears to be ready as he is dominating AAA. Pederson a Center fielder so far this year has 16HR, 37RBI, 50R, 15SB, .319 Avg, .432 OBP & 1.024 OPS. All things being equal he should be on this team now as their everyday Center fielder. But that would mean there is one spot open in Left Field for Kemp, Ethier and Crawford. Honestly given their ages, contracts and recent ailments over the last few years it will be very hard pressed for the Dodgers to move one of these players let alone two of them. Kemp, Ethier and Crawford when healthy can stay play and help a team but when you look at their ages and what’s left on their contracts it’s quite frightening.

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MLB Ticket Sales Low on the List of Revenue

2014 will be an historical year for MLB revenue as it is quite possible revenues will hit 9 Billion dollars. That’s Billion with a B folks. Last year 2013 was a record breaking year by MLB breaking 8 Billion dollars. This year will be another huge jump. What is amazing is this is not the economy of the booming mid to late 90’s. But like many forms of entertainment business is booming.

Back in the day when I was growing up teams use to focus on attendance and getting people to the ballpark as a main source of income. Well times have changed. MLB with their national TV contracts with ESPN, FOX and TBS bring in 1.5 Billion combined from those 3 networks with their recent deals. Those revenues in baseball are split evenly among the 30 clubs so that’s 50 Million dollars per club per year. In addition MLB has grown their Digital Rights arm of the business substantial over the last number of years. This brought in 620 Million worth of revenue in 2012. That’s a little over 20 Million per club per year (again these revenues shared equally among the clubs) and I am sure there was an increase in 2013.

Then I get into new local TV deals among the clubs and business is thriving there as well. Some teams like the Mets and Yankees own their own TV networks. Continue reading