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MLB Roundup 4/15/14

As we sit in the second full week of games that actually count for Major League Baseball, there are already a number of interesting storylines developing around the game.

Speaking of games that count, does anyone else think the Spring Training schedule is simply too long? I mean, I love seeing the scrappy free agent out of the Dominican Republic with the great name (Al Albuquerque…if you say his name in a dark room with a mirror three times in succession he will appear before you like Biggie Smalls did in that South Park episode) outpitch the overpaid multimillion dollar free agent mistake (I am staring straight at you Joe Nathan…stick with your hot dog eating contests buddy) but the tedium of games that don’t count just seems to be dragging out further each season.

Anyway, apologies for the sidebar, here are some things that are standing out to me as we head into week 3 of the season.

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MLB Predictions ALCS & NLCS

Playoffs MLBOkay I went 2-2 in the 1st round in my predictions. Not very impressive. I was right about the Dodgers and Tigers but wrong on the Rays and Pirates. Lets see how I do in the LCS.

Tigers vs Red Sox

Going into playoffs I was going to pick the Tigers all the way but with all the lower body injuries that Miguel Cabrera is dealing with he is comprised.

Obviously he is capable of getting a huge hit as he did last night with his 2 run Homer but a
healthy Cabrera is a force every AB and to beat Boston the Tigers will need that.
Throw in the fact that we won’t see Verlander until Game 4 and he probably gets just
1 start this series due to the fact that Tigers went the distance with the A’s. Also
I worry about the Tigers bullpen against the Red Sox lineup especially in Fenway. Continue reading

NL King – MLB Playoff Predictions – 1st Round

Playoffs baseballPirates vs Cardinals: Cardinals have home field advantage and Adam Wainwright and are battle tested. However I have concerns about the Cards bullpen and with Allen Craig still not back due to injury that really hurts the Cards. For me between the Pirates bullpen and their August additions in Byrd and Morneau to fortify their lineup I am high on the Pirates. If the Pirates can split the two games that Wainwright and Miller start I love the Pirates.

However if this series goes 5 Wainwright will get the start at home

Prediction: Pirates in 5 – I think the Cards bullpen cost them at least 1 game in this series and that will be the difference.

Dodgers vs Braves: I love the Dodgers in this series. I mean the Braves will have to face Kershaw and Greinke 3 times in a 5 game series. Also Freddy Garcia is starting game 4 with no disrespect to him. I know there are concerns to the Dodger lineup with Kemp out for the playoffs and Ethier banged up and the Braves had the best home record in baseball during the regular season (56-25 almost .700 winning percentage) but I love the Dodgers in this series. I don’t like the strikeout happy lineup of the Braves against the Dodgers pitchers. Continue reading