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NL West Off Season Outlook

Today going to talk about the NL West or should I call it the rebuild division? Kind of odd to call a division that holds the current World Champs in the Giants and one of the co-favorites of the 2015 season in the Dodgers a rebuilding division. But to me that is clearly where the other teams in the Diamondbacks, Rockies and Padres find their organizations. Be that as it may, we will look at each squad for this off season game plan.


When you break down the Diamond Backs you do not see a lot of clear cut core assets to build around in this rebuild. The good news is the few future assets the D-Backs have are very high end in Paul Goldschmidt (under team control the next 5 seasons), Archie Bradley (one of the top 10 prospects in all of MLB according to Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com), Patrick Corbin (coming back from Tommy John surgery after missing all of 2014) & the #1 overall pick in the upcoming 2015 MLB draft. The D-Backs also have three other young arms in their system that are considered top prospects of which Braden Shipley is the best. Both Bradley and Shipley could see Arizona in the summer time come 2015.

Then the Diamondbacks have a number of players who have talent and could be considered part of the next core for the D-Backs or they may not be good enough to cut the mustard. Continue reading NL West Off Season Outlook

Breaking Down the 2015 MLB Free Agent Class – The Hitters

Well the 2014 MLB season ended last night with a very dramatic Game 7 with the Giants prevailing 3-2. It was an all old school and all time World Series performance by Madison Bumgarner. For people who saw Koufax and Bob Gibson pitch it brought back memories of what those guys use to do in the Fall Classic. But believe it or not today October 30th kicks off the off-season so we are off and running with it.

Today I start my first off season article and we kick off focusing in on this winter’s free agent class of hitters. I am not going to list every free agent hitter in my article just the key free agent hitters. My list is broken down by position and then in alphabetical order. In addition any ages given per player will be their age come opening day 2015. Also when I mention whether or not a team will give a qualifying offer to a player the amount set for such offers is 15.3 Million for the 2015 season on a 1 year deal. Also keep in mind players given qualifying offers if that player leaves his old team and signs with a new club, his previous club will get the new club’s 1st round draft pick in the upcoming 2015 draft. However if the club that signs the player with a qualifying offer has a top 10 pick in the upcoming 2015 MLB Draft then that club would have to surrender their 2nd round pick in this upcoming draft. Either way it’s a heavy price. With that lets’ take a look at the key hitters in this winters free agent class.

The 2015 Free Agent Hitters Class is nothing to write home about it. In fact that is the overall statement regarding the entire free agent class this off season. Having said that there are a number of hitters in this years class that can help teams going forward. However what is the financial commitment as well as potential draft pick compensation on each player? Let’s break it down. Continue reading Breaking Down the 2015 MLB Free Agent Class – The Hitters

NLDS Playoff Predictions

Earlier we broke down the ALDS series today it’s the senior circuit. Madison Bumgarner and Brandon Crawford powered the Giants into the NLDS to face the Nationals last night. So lets look at the NLDS match ups now that we know them.

SF Giants vs Washington:

The Giants are gritty, experienced, battled tested, well managed team that knows how to win. This is a not an easy match up for the Nationals as the Giants seem to play their best ball in October. The Nationals are the better team, stronger in starting pitcher, in the bullpen and the lineup. There is a lot of pressure on the Nationals to win this 5 game series. I do worry about the Nats getting the final 3 outs in the 9th inning protecting with a 1 run lead as the closer is currently Drew Storen. If Madison Bumgarner who pitched brilliantly in the Wild Card game was able to pitch twice in this tight series I
would have picked the Giants. But since the Giants Ace only goes once I like the Nationals in a very tough series.

Nationals in 5

St.Louis vs Los Angeles Continue reading NLDS Playoff Predictions