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Life – it’s just a slump you’re going through

It is said that life is just a metaphor for baseball.  Sometimes we need a foot up the jacksy to realise it.

Here in Australia there is currently a huge emphasis on the effects of depression. The “Beyond Blue” organisation has been massive in raising awareness and assistance for those that suffer from the disease. Indeed, mental illness is no longer a taboo subject spoken of in hushed whispers but rather a conversation of mainstream Australia and as a result is becoming better understood. We, as a society, are slowly adjusting our behaviours to make the plight of those suffering depression easier by better understanding the disease and how we can best help those afflicted. Professional expertise is also benefiting from the raised awareness and increased funding and for those who suffer clinical depression, these professionals, their advice and assistance are crucial.

To my surprise a sibling of mine recently asked me ‘how are you going?’  Not such a staggering question, but the abnormality of it and the emphasis on the ‘going’ rang an alarm bell. Turns out, a friend of mine had suggested to my family that I was suffering depression. Yes, it’s true, I have been a bit down; things have been a bit of a grind. I never considered it myself. I just figured I was in a bit of a slump.

Spurred on by the suggestion, I checked the web. Surely the internet can tell me if this was true! I took a pop quiz, worked my way through an online assessment. Moderate depression was the diagnosis. Wow.  Continue reading


MLB Mediocrity & Trends

We are a little past a third of the 2014 MLB season and baseball is filled with a lot of mediocre teams at best. The teams that have shown a high degree of play so far are the Giants (42-22), A’s (39-25), Blue Jays (39-26) and Brewers (38-26). The team with the fifth best record in baseball are the Angels at 35-28. Interesting to note is that the Blue Jays and Brewers are by most surprise teams for 2014. Everyone else other than the bottom half dozen teams are either right above or right below .500. For fans who wanted parody in baseball well you got it. Be carefully for what you wish for because while there will be a lot of exciting races it will be with mediocre clubs.

Home Record Woes:
Another interesting trend going on in baseball this season is how poor teams are playing at home. Only 5 teams in MLB are 5 games or better above .500 at home so far this year. More interesting is 14 teams are under .500 at home so far this year. A lot of people a big reason this is happening is teams are looking at adding players mainly at saber metrics and not considering adding players that are great fits for their home ballparks.

Hitting Numbers Going Down, Down, Down: Continue reading


MLB Ticket Sales Low on the List of Revenue

2014 will be an historical year for MLB revenue as it is quite possible revenues will hit 9 Billion dollars. That’s Billion with a B folks. Last year 2013 was a record breaking year by MLB breaking 8 Billion dollars. This year will be another huge jump. What is amazing is this is not the economy of the booming mid to late 90′s. But like many forms of entertainment business is booming.

Back in the day when I was growing up teams use to focus on attendance and getting people to the ballpark as a main source of income. Well times have changed. MLB with their national TV contracts with ESPN, FOX and TBS bring in 1.5 Billion combined from those 3 networks with their recent deals. Those revenues in baseball are split evenly among the 30 clubs so that’s 50 Million dollars per club per year. In addition MLB has grown their Digital Rights arm of the business substantial over the last number of years. This brought in 620 Million worth of revenue in 2012. That’s a little over 20 Million per club per year (again these revenues shared equally among the clubs) and I am sure there was an increase in 2013.

Then I get into new local TV deals among the clubs and business is thriving there as well. Some teams like the Mets and Yankees own their own TV networks. Continue reading