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Thirty Teams and their Lopsided Seasons

Many fans pay attention to how well certain teams play and handle the game and if they play so well they are clearly at a higher level than other teams, many fans will think that said team will definitely make the playoffs, probably win the division.

However, a six month, 162-game season calls for otherwise projections. All 30 teams seem to have long, hot stretches where their offense, rather having seven high-caliber All-Stars or five guys picked up from DFA waivers, will plaster opposing pitchers producing what seems to be 7+ run games nearly every game. During said hot stretch, teams give that starting pitcher in Triple-A an opportunity to make his major league debut and he throws 7 shutout innings, and later that game, the rookie reliever nails his 1st career save chance on a closer’s night off, making fans not just happy about the hot stretch, but hopeful for the future. With those hot stretches comes to be a jump in standings, perhaps a jump from 4th to 3rd, 5th to 2nd, or 3rd to 1st in their division.

After a great three weeks or so, teams will then undergo a stretch when suddenly 2 starting pitchers are placed on the DL, the bullpen explodes, and the offense cannot score on constant complete game shutouts. Then, fans find a has-been starter pop up from Triple-A and that prospect that had spent about a month in Double-A starting instead of the good guys on the DL. The trusted closer blew 3 saves in the past 8 games and that rookie reliever that got the save that one time was sent down to the minors to keep his innings to a minimum and to make room for that has-been starter living off of minor-league contracts. Those three All-Star hitters are all having a hard time finding good pitches to hit as of late and then fans have lost all hope for playoff contention.

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The NL Races, the Last Third of the Season!

The other day we broke down the junior circuit for the final two months. Today we look at the senior circuit.

NL East:

Mets – 1st Place – 56-50 – 1 Game Lead

No that is not a misprint, the New York Mets are in first place in early August. They have won four in a row including a sweep of the Nationals over the weekend at Citi Field. With the Mets it’s all about pitching, as they are third in baseball with a 3.22 team ERA. The pitching has carried the Mets all year as they are second to last in MLB in runs scored. The addition of Yoenis Cespedes at the deadline will be a major help to this offense. Also the new additions of Juan Uribe, Kelly Johnson and top prospect Michael Conforto should help as well. A big key for the Mets these last two months is playing well on the road. The Mets have been abysmal away from Queens, NY where they are 18-32. Of the Mets remaining 56 games 36 are against the Marlins, Rockies, Braves, Phillies and Reds. New York has six games left with Washington (3 at home & 3 on the road). The Mets finishing the season at home in a three game series versus the Nats.

Washington – 2nd Place – 54-50 – 1 Game Back

How are the Nationals in this position? I know Washington has had a lot of injuries but they have under achieved all year. The offense has to pick it up as it’s 17th in runs scored in MLB. The Nationals have a much tougher schedule than the Mets to boot. Washington has to go to San Francisco for four games and the Dodgers and Cardinals for three. The Mets are done will those teams. The Nats better get it in gear and quickly and especially do some damage against New York in their remaining six games with them.

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MLB’s Tampa Situation

One would think this season so far for the Tampa Bay Rays would be a bowl of cherries. 2015 was suppose to be a retooling year for the Rays. Yet as we head into the last weekend in June the Rays find themselves in 1st Place in the AL East. Granted the AL East is a very mediocre division but the Rays have played well this season. They have a record of 41-33 and lead the division by 1.5 games over the second place Yankees. However in terms of, off the field issues the Rays have a big one and that is having people come to the ballpark.

There are big market teams, mid market teams, small market teams and then there is the Rays. Quite honestly the Rays attendance is beyond abysmal. The Rays are last in Baseball only averaging 14,254 fans per game. The Rays are on pace to draw slightly above 1.1 million fans to the ballpark this season. There have been many nights where the Rays have drawn 10,000 and change to the ballpark. That has already happened four times in the month of June. In fact twice this season the Rays have drawn under 10,000 fans to their games. The Rays are clearly on pace to finish last in attendance in Baseball for the fourth straight year. The last time the Rays did not finish last in attendance was 2011 where they finished second to last.

Let me start by saying I am not blaming the fans of the Rays or the residences of Tampa. It’s up to the individual if they want to spend their hard earned money on a baseball game. But clearly Major League Baseball has a huge problem and it’s hard to find a solution. In terms of finding a solution for a new stadium in the Tampa area that appears to be dead. This past March another potential resolution was shot down. The location of the Rays ballpark is not advantageous to say the least. The Rays lease with Tropicana Field has 12 more years to go. Continue reading MLB’s Tampa Situation