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Well I guess Boston GM Ben Cherington read my article last week “Teams with a lot on the Line” as the Sox landed Jake Peavy from the White Sox last night. The cost was not cheap. First the Red Sox traded talented young middle infield off their roster in Jose Iglesias (23) to the Tigers (Jhonny Peralta insurance ?) to land a top outfield prospect in Avisail Garcia (According to Baseball America Tigers 2nd best prospect & #74 on their 2013 Top 100 List) and a minor league relief pitcher. The Red Sox then sent Garcia and 3 low level minor leaguers in pitchers JB Wendelken & Francelis Montas and middle infielder Cleuluis Rondon to the White Sox. Of the 3 low level minor leaguers in the Boston system according to Baseball America none of them are in the Red Sox top 10 prospect list.

However a lot of times prospects at the
lower levels make a name for themselves and then become top prospects.

From a White Sox point of view it’s time to retool / rebuild and they eliminated a
big ticket item in Peavy (owed nearly 20 Million dollars between the rest of this
season & next) which gives them payroll flexibility going forward, landed a top
prospect who is either ready now or just about ready for the majors and 3 lower
level minor leaguers to add to their system. To me the White Sox have to be very
happy with the package they received for Peavy. In terms of the Red Sox they were
also in talks with the Phillies about Cliff Lee who is owed a little over 70 million
dollars between the rest of this season and the next 2 years. So Peavy’s contract
seems like chump change compared to Lee’s contract. However the Sox did give up a
talented kid in Iglesias who is on the major league level now and 3 other minor
leaguers. It’s going to take a few years to see how good those minor leaguers turn
out to be. Also while Jake Peavy is very capable of being a front line starter
saying he is injury prone is putting it mildly. Also how will Peavy react to
pitching for the Boston Red Sox? In his 12 year career Peavy has pitched for San
and the White Sox. Pitching for Boston is a whole different animal. Also by
giving up the package of players the Sox did and taking on Peavy’s contract I don’t
care what the Boston front office says they have to be concerned about Clay Buchholz
status. This is a very risky trade for the Red Sox. This is the kind of the deal
that can be the difference of them not only winning the division but making the
World Series or it could blow up in their faces. We will have to wait and see. More
to come today before the afternoon trade deadline.

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