Starlin Castro

Mets Should Be Calling Cubs About Castro

A golden opportunity might have come up for the Mets thanks to the Jeff Samardzija trade on the 4th of July. The Cubs landed one of the top prospects in baseball in shortstop Addison Russell who is very close to the majors. The Cubs also have Javier Baez who is a shortstop and being converted to a second baseman, also considered one of the top prospects in baseball as well. Throw in the fact the Cubs have now a 3 time All-Star shortstop with the big club in Starlin Castro and the Cubbies are loaded with supremely talented middle infielders which are very hard to come by.

Castro Perfect Fit for the Mets
The Mets need an impact / electric bat added to their lineup. They also need a shortstop in the worse way. They would like this player to be in the prime of his career. Finally given the state of the Mets either being unable to or unwilling to spend big time money on contracts (Mets have the 7th lowest payroll in MLB) they would like this player to have a very long term friendly contract. Well you check the boxes on all for the Cubs Starlin Castro. Castro is only 24 and is just making 5 Million this year. The next 5 years Castro is just owed 44 Million which will take him through his twenties. In addition Castro has a team option when he turns 30 for 16 Million. Continue reading

mlb_a_samardzija11_576  Jeff Samardzija

A’s Pull Off a Block Buster

Well July 4th night Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Cubs by bringing in starting pitchers Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. The cost was not cheap as the A’s traded their top 2 prospects in shortstop Addison Russell and outfielder Billy McKinney. Let’s go into details for both the A’s and the Cubs.

Adding Samardzija and Hammel makes the A’s most likely to win their division out West and put them in position of being the favorite to represent the AL in the World Series. Samardzija and Hammel joins Gray and Kazmir in the rotation. Be interesting to see between Chavez and Milone who will be the 5th starter and who goes to the bullpen. So this trade also by acquiring this depth makes the A’s bullpen stronger. Yes the A’s gave up a lot in this deal by trading a kid such as Addison Russell but the A’s have a window and a chance this season to make it a magical one. Billy Beane is going to do everything he can to give his club the best chance for that to happen. Hammel is free agent after the season and he will move on elsewhere but the A’s have Samardzija for this year and next. With talented starting pitchers Parker and Griffin (out with Tommy John) coming back next season (should be ready for opening day next year) and the emergence of Drew Pomeranz (currently on the DL for a while) I would not be surprised to see Billy Beane trade Samardzija in the winter and recoup some prospects. But that’s a story for another day as the A’s are focusing on 2014. Continue reading


Breaking Down the 2nd Half AL Playoff Races

Time to look at the Junior circuit and what we can expect for the second half of the season and who will be the AL playoff teams for 2014. The American League is a lot more of a jumble than the National League.

Divisional Leaders:

Oakland A’s: I think the Athletics are the only team in baseball at this point and time we can call at least an extremely strong team. The A’s are 1st in the AL in Runs Scored, Walks, ERA and 3rd in Home Runs. The A’s find themselves at 51-31 with the best record in baseball and a 5 game lead over the 2nd place Angels. In terms of improving for the deadline I would look for Billy Beane to add a nice veteran or two for the short term be a position player, back end starting pitcher or a bullpen arm.

Detroit Tigers: The Tigers have underachieved and under performed big time in the first half of the season and yet at the halfway mark find themselves 3.5 games in 1st place and 5 in the loss column. On paper the Tigers have a team to make it to the World Series but if that’s going to happen Justin Verlander and Joe Nathan have to get it together. Continue reading