Blue Jays Fever At An All Time High

Since the additions of Tulowitzki and Price, the fans have been erupting throughout the stadium. Every time the Jays hit a homerun, or make a great defensive play, you could relate it to when the Seattle Seahawks are on defense. The Blue Jays announcer Tim Langton has added so many songs and noises in the Rogers Centre. 7th inning stretch, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, the music sounds. Also the fun things they show on the Jumbo-Tron like who has the better mustache: Martin vs. Bautista. There are also many others like top Blue Jays plays of the year, special tributes to past Blue Jays, and more contests besides 50/50.

Constant sell-outs, including the fact that every weekend game from now until the end of the season has sold out, just adds to the fact the Baseball has gotten so big in Toronto. Also, as you would imagine, popcorn sales have gone through the roof ever since David Price said how much he loves the Rogers Centre popcorn.

On August 29, Edwin Encarnacion hit a Grand Slam to cap off a 3 homerun, 9 RBI day. Many fans through their own hats on to field to celebrate a hat-trick in homers. Edwin took a curtain call and fans cheered non-stop for over 1 minute. I confused it for a NFL playoff game. Let’s turn it into a MLB playoff game. Let’s not forget every time Donaldson does something good, MVP chants come down like rain, for the Bringer of Rain, and every time Price throws a strikeout or a scoreless inning, even when he goes out to warm-up the cheers sound like Jose Bautista hit a homerun. Continue reading Blue Jays Fever At An All Time High

Last Month Baseball Races are All About the AL

We have roughly a month left in the season and all the drama for the last thirty days or so, looks like will all take place in the junior circuit. Barring unforeseen circumstances we can write down how the National League will finish this season, as well as setting up the playoff match ups. Each division in the senior circuit has at least a six game lead heading into Thursday’s action. The Mets lead the Nationals by 6.5, the Cardinals have 6 game lead over the Pirates and the Dodgers lead the Giants by 6.5. The Nationals have six games left with the Mets (including the last three days of the regular season) and need to win minimum five of those six games. St.Louis also has six games left with the Pirates of which three of those are this weekend at home. Finally the Dodgers who just swept the Giants in LA have a four game series with the defensing champs in San Francisco from September 28th through October 1st. The Cubs are currently firmly entrenched as the second wild card as they have a seven game lead in the loss column over the Giants.

It is very much looking like the Cubs will be at the Pirates for the Wild Card game, with the winner moving on to a playoff series versus the Cardinals. The Mets look like they will match up with the Dodgers in the playoffs. The Dodgers currently have a two game lead in the loss column over the Mets.

AL East: Continue reading Last Month Baseball Races are All About the AL

The Final Month of the AZ Diamondbacks Season

As the month of September arrives, we can venture to say that the Arizona Diamondbacks will not be in contention for a playoff spot. But, they should easily pass their predicted win total of 65 to 70 games set for them by the writers and odds-makers before the season began. There are 31 games left to go and the focus will be winning at least 81 games.

Not making the post-season aside, this season has been very entertaining for everyone. At times this team has shown they can play against some of the best teams in the league with their superb defense, ability to turn double plays to stop scoring threats, timely hitting, and even their aggressive base running. However, they have also shown us they still need some help. They have had issues with their starting staff not going deep into games, the bullpen being inconsistent at times, giving up too many homeruns; and, on offense they continue to hit into double plays. More significantly, they are playing less than .500 baseball at Chase Field. But, the main concern is this team’s lack of starting pitching, making it virtually impossible to make a playoff run.

Chase Anderson is still an unknown. Is he really over his arm fatigue and can he be dependable? He started the season off well before going on the DL, but since his return his fastball has been inconsistent, which has led to fewer strikeouts and more hits given up. Continue reading The Final Month of the AZ Diamondbacks Season