Cincinnati Reds Rumors Major League trade rumor mill has already started and the Cincinnati Reds have been included. The rumor revolves around David Wright (pictured above link) and where he will be end up for the beginning of the 2013 season.

This rumor was started over at by Mark Simon in an article where he stated the Reds could be in the cards for Wright with a deal that included Drew Stubbs, Mike Leake and possibly Devin Mesoraco.

Joshua Ramsey from Bleacher Report then posted this article that expounded a little bit more of where Wright would fit with the Reds.

He included that Todd Frazier (who is in line to play third base next year with Scott Rolen likely not returning) could move to left field next season with Ryan Ludwick turning down the player option on his contract and opting for Free Agency.

As a Reds fan, I like the idea of having Wright at third base and the pop that his bat would bring. A lineup that included Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce, Wright and Joey Votto would be a very scary thing for opposing pitchers to see.  However, this makes me nervous because in does not address the main issues that this team has to address to take them to the next step. The two issues that I think this move would supersede would be the need for a leadoff hitter and an additional outfielder. I think these two issues could be solved in one move but if the deal for Wright happens and it includes Stubbs then these two issues will still be there for the Reds.

Regardless of how this rumor ends up, I have a feeling this could be a very interesting Hot Stove League for the Cincinnati Reds.

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