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Cano Off Base

YankeesRobinson Cano this past week was introduced at a press conference in Seattle. During the course of that day Cano made a few statements that are very puzzling at least to me. Cano said he felt disrespected by the Yankees, he had issues with hitting 2nd in the batting order at times last year and that he actually took less money to go to Seattle.

Let’s take these statements one at a time. First being disrespected by the Yankees.

The Yankees since last off-season and through out the 2013 season reached out to Cano’s agents to get an extension done. Each time whether it was then agent Scott Boras or new agent Jay-Z the response was a 300 Million dollar contract. The message was clear by Cano I am going to be a free agent. Once the season ended the Yankees meet with Cano and his agents (a couple of times) and ultimately offered him a 7 year deal for 175 Million, that’s 25 Million a year. That contract would have been one of the highest contracts ever given out in the history of baseball. We know now that Seattle went way above and beyond that but that does not change the fact the Yankees wanted to keep Cano badly. These actions are not one of disrespect. Continue reading Cano Off Base

Yanks Sign Ellsbury for 7 Years

Jacoby Ellsbury 2It’s not that big of a surprise. It’s happened before.

Jacoby Ellsbury will switch sides in the New YorkBoston rivalry like many a star before him in 2014, this time donning pinstripes instead of red socks. The Yankees have signed the former Boston Red Sox Outfielder to a 7-year deal worth an estimated 150 million dollars, pending a physical.

Ellsbury’s career has been a mixed bag of success bookended by injury.

In 2011 as a 27-year old, Ellsbury smacked 32 homers while hitting a cool .321, leading many Red Sox fans to anoint him the next Carl Yastrzemski, but with speed.  Then 2012 happened.

Jacoby struggled with injuries the entire 2012 season, limiting him to only 78 games. While he didn’t hit atrociously in his abbreviated season, the Red Sox simply stunk without his presence in the lineup, finishing last in the AL East. Continue reading Yanks Sign Ellsbury for 7 Years

McCann to Yankees 5-yr/$85M

Brian McCannBrian McCann just signed with the Yankees to play as catcher from 2014-2018. $85 Million was mixed into the deal to complete a well-signed contract for the 7x All-Star.

McCann was signed for 5 seasons, $85M, and an option for 2019 – extra $15M.

After the unexpected Kinsler-Fielder trade Wednesday night between the Detroit Tigers and the Rangers, the Rangers have recieved a power-hitter to strengthen their offense to cover the primary first base position.

The Rangers have been looking at other guys to sign for a 2nd Catcher, Designated Hitter, Left Fielder, and Closer.

The Rangers were very much looking at the ex-Brave to fill for their 2nd Catcher spot after signing Geovany Soto to a 1-year deal as their primary catcher, and to strengthen their offense they needed McCann behind the plate, and at-bat. Continue reading McCann to Yankees 5-yr/$85M