Orioles Bullpen Collapsing

New York Yankees v Baltimore OriolesLast years all-star closer of the Baltimore Orioles, Jim Johnson, has blown 4 out 5 saves.

The Orioles are coming off their best season in 14 years. They made the playoffs in over a decade and “Bucks Birds” are becoming a new power in the AL East. The birds find a way to win game in and game out. Last season they made a living winning one run ballgames.

How does a team win one run ballgames?

They have a strong bullpen. In fact, Baltimore’s bullpen was 72-0 after leading after 7 innings last season. That streak came to an end two weeks ago. The Orioles pen’ has not been the same since. Jim Johnson cant find the strike zone and seems to have lost his stuff. The once dominate closer has given up 12 runs in just 6 innings. He had only 3 blown saves all of last season and has blown 4 in only two weeks. Continue reading


Top Prospect to make major league debutLast June, the Baltimore Orioles drafted LSU pitcher Kevin Gausman.

Since, Gausman has pitched in 13 minor league games and has put up very impressive numbers.  In 61 innings he has 62 strikeouts and only 6 walks.  His last start in Double-A Bowie he pitched 6 innings and had 10 strikeouts.

His 97 mph fastball has been over powering and untouchable in the minors.

The Orioles have lost 5/6 games and seem to be heading down the wrong path.  The starting pitching has been plagued with injuries and its time the O’s make a move.  In the very competitive AL East the Orioles are running out of time.  They have used 10 different starting pitchers this year and if they do not find a consistent 5-6 pitching rotation the Orioles may find themselves back in the basement once more.

This thursday the O’s shocked the baseball world.  After only 11 months in the minor leagues top prospect Kevin Gausman will be making his first major league start.  Some experts did not expect him to be brought up until at least September.   Continue reading

To Hell and Back

OriolesLets take a step back to the year 2005 for a moment.  The American League all-star game had two Orioles sitting in the middle of the infield.  Miguel Tejada was at shortstop and Brian Roberts at second.  Roberts was known to be in the top of the league at second base, and was one of the few bright spots to the O’s.  He batted .300 every year and led the league in extra-base hits.

He led the team in stolen bases and was the definition of a lead off hitter.

For a baseball player Roberts was on top of the world.  Yet, it did last long… B-ROB’s name was on the “Mitchell Report” and that changed everything.  The Mitchell Report was a document that showed all the players that took steroids or banned substances.  He admitted to using banned substances to get over injury and has been proven to be clean since.  This all affected the captain’s psychology greatly and since, Roberts was not the same. Continue reading

Bird Watch

Orioles Mascot wikipedia.com29-9. That was The Baltimore Orioles’ record last season in 1-run games (Best ever in the live ball era). 16-2. That was the Baltimore Orioles’ record in extra innings last season. The Orioles eliminated the Texas Rangers in the first ever American League Wild Card game last post season, and lost in 5 games against the New York Yankees in the American League Divisional Series. Although they finished second in the AL-East, last year marked the first time the Orioles reached the post season since 1997. The question everyone is asking; are the Orioles going to reciprocate that same success in 2013?

Through one month of baseball, The Orioles have gone 6-5 in 1-run games, and 2-2 in extra inning games. If you thought they would be able to go 29-9 in 1-run games and 16-2 in extra inning games, just look at history; a team that has had that success one year, has NEVER been close to those records in 1-run games or extra inning games the next year, in the history of baseball!

So how are the Orioles currently sitting at first place right now in the AL-East with a 21-13 record? Let’s dive in.

Manny Machado: Through 34 games, this young stud has 5 HR’s , 22 RBI’s, and a stat line that reads .313/.353/.514. His ISO is .201 (.200 or above means the hitter is powerful). Have we seen the best from him? Certainly not. He is 20 years old. Will we see his best this year? Nobody knows. But if we just get a glimpse, we will be fortunate. Yet, that is the beauty of the Orioles; youth. With no Bryce Harper or Mike Trout in baseball this year, it’s time to turn our eyes to Manny Machado, the next superstar in baseball. Continue reading

Blue Jays keep steam rolling ahead

The Blue Jays keep steam rolling ahead in the offseason. Since Paul Beeston gave Alex Anthopoulos the go ahead to pull the trigger on the 12 player mega trade; the conviction of the Blue Jays has become evident to every exec and fan in MLB. Rogers Communications Inc. has committed huge dollars to the organization and the Blue Jays seem set to take the league by storm.

The addition of starting pitchers Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle has added depth to a staff that will keep awake MLB GMs throughout 2013.

New bats like Melky Cabrera and Jose Reyes are just going to add fuel to a fire which should consume American League opponents like the Red Sox and the New York Yankees. The top prize in MLB could return to Rogers Center in 2013. The 2013 Blue jays are a team that would make Joe Carter smile from ear to ear. Continue reading