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Say What! The Dodgers are trying to have a Hollywood ending.

DodgersThere was a lot of hope in Hollywood this year. The Dodgers had team that could contend for the World Series; however it was not looking too good for them at the start of the season. The Dodgers were in last place for the first half of the season. The team also needed to face some key injuries to their star players like Matt Kemp, Hanley Ramirez and their key offseason acquisition, Zack Greinke.

The Dodgers now are on a hot streak for the past eight weeks ever since they called up the Cuban missile, Yasiel Puig.

They have won eight straight games and also in their last 49 games they have gone 41-8.  It looks more and more likely that the Dodgers will run away with the NL West title this year. The Dodgers who are now 71-50 and the Diamondbacks are 7.5 back of the Dodgers.  The Dodgers have been on the hot streak due to the outstanding pitching performances of last year CY Young Winner, Clayton Kershaw and Newcomer Hyun-Jin Ryu from Korea. They also have a powerful performance from their first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez who was acquired last August in waiver deal.    Continue reading Say What! The Dodgers are trying to have a Hollywood ending.

Will a new manager help the Dodgers?

DodgersThe Dodgers find themselves in last place in the NL West with a 19-26 record. Many of the fans have become tired of losing in a season in which they had high hopes to make the World Series before the season started. Many of the frustrations have been directed towards manager Don Mattingly, and many have vocalized the fact that they think he should be fired. That poses the two questions.

Should the Dodgers fire Don Matttinly, and if they did would it really even matter? The answer to both questions is no.

The saying is that a manager gets too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when it loses. I think that’s true to a certain extent. The manager makes some strategic decisions that matter and can affect some outcomes, but doesn’t win or lose many games. Mattingly can be a stabilizing influence on the team, but again, he can only do so much once the game starts. Hitters still have to hit, pitchers have to pitch, and fielders have to make plays. Mattingly is doing the best he can with what he has. Injuries have hurt the Dodgers lineup, Matt Kemp has lost his power stroke, the back-end of the rotation and most of the bullpen has been horrendous. Continue reading Will a new manager help the Dodgers?


LA DodgersGoing into the 2013 campaign the LA Dodgers were heavy favorites out of the National League.  They are in last in the NL West sitting on a 18-25 record.  With a embarrassing 5-16 record in the division.

This week the media has been flooded with reports that manager Don Mattingly may be fired. That is not the answer.  Firing a manager mid-season is almost giving up on the season all together.  Bringing in another leader, scheme, and shot-caller will not help the Dodgers situation.

Every season their are certain teams that are stock piled with talent and start off bad.  Its only May, its a very long season, and I believe the Dodgers will come together.

There is way too much talent on this team to not figure it out.

There are 3 things that need to happen for things to turn around in LA.

1. Defense, defense, defense

The Dodgers have the 4th most errors in the league.  Many of those errors have costed them victories.  If they can clean up their defense they will win more games.  Baseball has a winning formula and defense is one of the main ingredients.  Good defense keeps pitchers out of trouble which will keep them in the game longer.   Continue reading WHATS WRONG WITH THE LA DODGERS?