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Jon Lester

Will Lester and or Price Get Traded?

As we are closing in on the July 31st MLB Trade deadline (4PM Eastern Time) one of the big questions is will the Red Sox and Rays trade their aces. For Boston who just traded Jake Peavy the question is are the really willing to pay pending free agent Jon Lester what it will take financially to keep him a Red Sox? Lester who will be 31 in January and being left handed will get a lot of big offers come this off-season. The Red Sox are 10.5 back in the division and 7.5 back in the 2nd wild card race. This is going to take some kind of run for the Sox to be a contender for a playoff spot. The Sox should know if they have a good chance of resigning Lester. If the answer to that question is probably not and if a team is willing to trade a Top Top Prospect or a really strong prospect package that would be far superior to the draft picks of a qualifying offer for Lester, the the Sox have to trade him.

I tweeted the other day a MLB executive told Jason Stark that if the Rays wait until the off-season to trade Price than the return they will get back goes down 30 to 40 percent. That is very significant and a team like the Rays that has limited resources have to cash in trades like this as much as possible. They did so with Matt Garza and James Shields. The Rays still have Price through next season 2015 before he becomes a free agent. Continue reading

Sellers Must Be Smart About Selling

I keep reading in the various baseball websites on about various reports on trade talks with various sellers in MLB. Keep in mind a lot gets posted on the world wide web but teams should take a page about selling players from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Rays Smart Sellers:
The Rays in the last few years due to how they have to run their organization being a very small market team sold Matt Garza and James Shields. But the Rays were smart and patient and let it be known to teams that a certain price had to be paid in order to trade Garza and Shields. The Rays held steadfast with this belief and strategy. They were not going to let other teams bully them into taking the best deal they could get which would be loaded with secondary prospects. The Rays were rewarded with how they sold Garza and Shields. In the Garza trade the Rays got back Chris Archer (now a keep member of their rotation for years to come) and at the time a top shortstop prospect in Hak-Ju Lee. Lee has not made it yet but still in their system and still young. In the Shields trade the Rays got back Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi. Pretty good haul because the Rays were patient and smart. The Rays will take the same approach with David Price who they have under team control through next season.

The Padres as an Example:
Let’s take the Padres as an example of being patient and smart seller. There is a lot of trade talk regarding their players. Based on an article I wrote last month the Padres should be in a massive sell mode. In my opinion the Padres have very few core players going forward on the major league level. Having said that they need to sell wisely. Continue reading


For the Rays June is Make or Break

Heading into Monday nights action June 2nd the Tampa Bay Rays find themselves in a spot where they haven’t been in quite sometime. The Rays are last in the AL East with a 23-34 record and are on a 6 game losing streak. They are 10.5 games out of 1st place in the AL East to the Blue Jays and are 8 games back in the wild card. While the Rays have dealt with a lot of injuries this season it’s come to a point now that unless the Rays get it together this month, they will be too far back for a post season run. While Alex Cobb is now back the Rays are still waiting on Jeremy Hellickson (out until at least late June) and Wil Myers just went on the DL with a sprained wrist.

The month of June from here on out the Rays play 28 games of which 18 are home. This is good news because so far this season the Rays are a putrid 11-20 on the road. The Rays have at home in June, two versus the Marlins, four versus the Mariners, two versus the Cardinals, three versus the Orioles, four versus the Astros and three versus the Pirates. The Rays road games are two versus the Marlins, three versus the Astros, four versus the Orioles and one versus the Yankees. That’s a favorable schedule and quite frankly by months end the Rays have to be closing in on .500.

If by the end of June the Rays are still 10 games or so under .500 then I think this organization has to see what they can get for David Price and Ben Zobrist. Price is under team control only through next season 2015 and then he becomes a free agent. Continue reading