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GM or no GM that is the Question

This really is a special time of the year for a sports fan. Think about it….at the college level we have football, basketball, hockey, swimming, volleyball, etc and at the professional level we have football, basketball, hockey, and my favorite baseball. Wait – did you say baseball? Yes! The time when we all play GM. It’s called The Hot Stove League.

We evaluate our current talent, review our minor league players, check out all free agents and decide yay or nay, review our coaching staff, and do the same thing for every other major league team. Yes we take on the role of GM and discuss our decisions every opportunity we have.

Think about our day for a moment…every time we make a decision it is scrutinized by every fan of the team. Every time another team makes a decision, we are judged again as to why we didn’t sign that player. We get asked questions constantly by media, the executive team, our players, and every fan. Oh, and we are supposed to know details about every player in baseball from the majors down to the minors. Where do I find the next player with the power of Hank Aaron, the speed of Ricky Henderson, the arm of Dave Parker, the durability and longevity of Cal Ripken AND the all around talents of Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays? According to the fans he is out there. Good times.

Its important to keep in mind we MUST stay within our budget. This is non-negotiable. If we mess this up….well let’s just say maybe we made the wrong career choice. Continue reading GM or no GM that is the Question

Major Shakeup Needed in DC

Well the season is now over for the Washington Nationals. Granted the Nats had a number of injuries to deal with this season but they win the award for the most under achieving team in baseball for 2015. For this team to finish this season barely over 500 in a word is ridiculous. Consider their division has the two worst teams in the sport this season, in the Phillies and Braves, not to mention another bottom team in the Marlins. That’s beyond belief. The record is also in a year where Bryce Harper might wind up winning both the batting title and the home run crown. I have a plan here if I was running things in Washington what I would do once the last game was played in 2015 for the Nationals.

New GM and Manager

I do not relish people losing their jobs but in terms of the Nationals there needs to be new voices in the front office as well as the dugout. Unfortunately that means Mike Rizzo and Matt Williams need to be replaced.

Payroll Flexibility

Ownership has shown in the past that they are more than willing to spend to have a top level team. This was illustrated by Ryan Zimmerman‘s extension, as well as signing big free agents in Jason Werth and Max Scherzer. Believe it or not the Nationals have nearly 50 million coming off the books after this season (48.4 million to be exact). The players hitting the free agent market for the Nationals are Ian Desmond, Doug Fister, Dernard Span, Matt Thornton and Jordan Zimmermann. I don’t bring any of them back.

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How Does Anthopoulos Re-build The Blue Jays’ Rotation in 2016?

I know, I know…. There is so much to focus on in 2015 before the season ends that it’s ridiculous to be looking ahead to next season already, but this stands to be a very interesting and important offseason for the Toronto Blue Jays.

First and foremost, there is the issue of extending Alex Anthopoulos, which should be a foregone conclusion assuming AA wants to continue in his role in Toronto. If that ends up being the case, Anthopoulos has many different avenues he could explore to fill out the rotation. His current rotation of David Price, R.A. Dickey, Mark Buerhle, Marco Estrada, and Drew Hutchison features 3 pending free agents, and a 40 year old (Dickey) with a 12 million dollar option. Things will be different no doubt.

Here is one prediction for how Alex Anthopoulos fills out his rotation:

  1. David Price/Free Agent “Ace”
  2. Marcus Stroman
  3. Trade acquisition
  4. Aaron Sanchez
  5. Drew Hutchison

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