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Jayson Werth

Final 30 Days Of 2014 BB Elite Hitters:

BB% is a sabermetric statistic that looks at a hitters ability to draw walks. As we all know, being able to draw walks is an important aspect of most good or better hitters. Anything over 15% is considered excellent and anything over 12.5% is considered great.

I simply used the sort function on and looked at hitters with 50 or more plate appearances in the last 30 days. Here are the Top 10 HR/FB hitters on that list:

  1. Jayson Werth (Washington Nationals): 20%

Mr. Werth was the very definition of a power walker in baseball at the tail end of the season. This was his best BB percentage since he has been a Nationals player.

  1. Alex Avila (Detroit Tigers): 19.4%

This late season walk-a-thon that Mr. Avila was on helped him finish in the top-10 BB% hitters with 400+ plate appearances as well as his placement on this list.

  1. Matt Carpenter (St. Louis Cardinals): 19.1%

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National league baseball

Breaking Down the NL Races

As we head into Tuesday nights action with the NL teams in contention having between 42 and 46 games left, I felt it was a good time to break down the NL Playoff races both for the division titles and wild cards.

Division Leaders:
Washington – The Nationals are up 4 games on the Braves and 5 in the loss column. The Nationals play the Braves 6 more times in their remaining 46 games. Recent history has had the Nationals struggle mightily against Atlanta. The Nationals do have some soft games left on the schedule with 6 against the Phillies and 4 against the D-Backs. The Nats who won have played very well against the Mets in recent times play them 10 times in their final 46 games.

Brewers – The Crew is up 2.5 games on the Pirates and 3 against the Cards, although only 2 in the loss column on both squads. The Reds trail Milwaukee by 5.5 games and 5 in the loss column. The Brewers still have to play the Cardinals 7 more times and the Pirates & Reds 6 more times each. That’s 19 games of the Brewers final 43. Keep in mind the Brewers play the Cubs 9 more times and the Padres 3 more times so they have to take advantage against those weak teams. Continue reading

Diamondbacks AZ

After the Trade Deadline AZDB

The July 31st trade deadline has come and gone and it was one of the busiest deadlines baseball fans have seen in a long time with several big name players going to contending teams. For the AZ Diamondbacks we saw them make some trades, not a complete revamp of the team, but some key players that are no longer in a Diamondbacks uniform. It started with the trades of Brandon McCarthy, Joe Thatcher and Tony Campana in early July and ended with the trades of both Gerardo Parra and Martin Prado on the last day.

The Diamondbacks were able to free up around $22 million in salary for next season. Arbitration-eligible players, such as Addison Reed (if not traded by August 31st) and Mark Trumbo will influence that $22 million, but the team should come out on the plus side and the Diamondbacks management, with some extra money to spend, should be able to make an upgrade or two in free agency.

It is still possible that they will make more trades to free up more money and contracts, as the August 31st waiver trade deadline approaches. This is how the waiver trade works: the Diamondbacks can put a player on waivers; if that player goes through waivers, he has to be made available to the other 29 teams before he is able to be traded. If he is claimed by a team, the Diamondbacks can choose to either complete a deal with that team or pull him back off waivers. Continue reading