The Walking Wounded

The Toronto Blue Jays entered the start of the 2012 baseball season full of promise and optimism. The Blue Jays posted a franchise best Grapefruit league record and the inception of the extra wild card spot seemed to play right into the Jays hand. The Blue Jays squad boasted top notch talent and a youthful exuberance and it seemed very realistic that the Jays could keep par with the big boys of the AL East.

Then the season started……….

What proceeded to happen over the next 5 months could not have been scripted even in the minds of the most skeptical of Jay’s fans.

The likes of Sergio SantosBrandon MorrowKyle DrabekDrew HutchisonDustin McGowanJesse Litsch and Luis Perez all suffered serious season ending injuries with the exception of Morrow who is poised to return to the Jays rotation after rehabbing from a left oblique strain that has kept him shelved since June 11th. Continue reading The Walking Wounded

Open letter to the Rockies’ owners.

TO: The Brothers Monfort

RE: Your baseball team

Dear Sirs:

It’s time for you gentlemen to find a new hobby. You’ve had your fun, your 15 minutes and all that. But it’s time to face facts: this whole baseball-team-owner thing has not worked out well for the team, or the fans. It has worked out just peachy for you two, hasn’t it? I read Forbes Magazine.You’ve made plenty of money. Good on you.

Now it’s time for you to sell the team to someone who actually gives a damn about trying to win a World Series.

You have taken advantage of your fan base long enough. Fortunately for you, Coors Field is one of the nicer MLB ballparks, and Denver’s weather usually is favorable. Those two factors have proven to be enough to draw decent crowds at Rockies home games. Since that it all it takes for you to rake in the cash, you decided you don’t need to put a decent product on the field. It’s time for that to end. Continue reading Open letter to the Rockies’ owners.