One Fans’ Plea to Roger Clemens: please go away current influx of youth into Major League Baseball has been a breath of fresh air for a league that has been clouded by performance enhancing drugs for almost 30 years. Mike Trout, Bryce Harper and Giancarlo Stanton are just three of the myriad of exciting young talent gracing ballparks near you this season. However, Roger Clemens seems to be one of the hottest topics in the sports world lately. The seemingly endless career of Clemens has surfaced again with the Sugar Land Skeeters and maybe even the Houston Astros in as soon as two weeks.

This writer/fan has one plea to Clemens: please go away, baseball fans are tired you and steroids in the sport.

With the recent suspensions of San Francisco Giants outfielder and All-Star Game MVP Melky Cabrera and Oakland Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon (both former Yankees, like Clemens) still fresh on the minds of fans, one has to wonder just how Roger Clemens is “making a comeback.” Continue reading One Fans’ Plea to Roger Clemens: please go away hits the big leagues in Chicago! has got baseball fever and is primed for the playoffs! Get your team on our site and blog with us! Contact us at


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Philly Phanatics!

WikipediaThe Mets and Phillies have a strong rivalry due to proximity of their fan bases and relatively sustained success on the field. One of the two teams has won each NL East division title since 2005, and many years they have directly battled for playoff position. In 2007, you may remember the Mets completely collapsed at the end of the season, blowing a 7 game lead with 17 games remaining. The rivalry even dates back to Jim Bunning’s perfect game for the Phillies over the Mets in 1964; the 7th perfect game in the history of baseball.

The two teams met for the 869th time in the history of their series at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia in what was our 26th stadium this season.

We had been getting very excited about seeing Phillies starter and 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels pitch against the Mets.

Hamels has been one of the best pitchers in baseball since he came up with the Phillies in 2006, and he has been an anchor of the best starting rotation in baseball the last few years. Unfortunately, he also recently signed a large contract extension with the Phillies, so you can’t speculate trade rumors that he might be dealt to your team. Continue reading Philly Phanatics!