Grading the Detroit Tigers at the Half Way Point

After 81 games, the Detroit Tigers have reached the half-way point of the season.  Needless to say, it hasn’t been pretty.  After a second loss in a row to the lowly Minnesota Twins on Tuesday, the Tigers sit at 39-42, 4 1/2 games behind the Chicago White Sox for the Central Division lead.  Although it’s been an absolutely disappointing start to the season, the Tigers are still in position to make a run and take the weakest division in all of baseball.

I’m going to give my grades so far and give my thoughts on what needs to be done to turn the season around.

Starting Pitching – C+

If it wasn’t another stellar start to the season for ace Justin Verlander, this grade for the starting staff would be much lower.  Doug Fister has missed much of the season with injuries, and hasn’t looked like the Fister from last season since returning.  Continue reading Grading the Detroit Tigers at the Half Way Point

Faith and Loyalty is Holding the Rockies Back Colorado Rockies right now are on the verge of having their worse season based on win percentage.  As of July 4th, the team enters the day at 31-49…a .388 win percentage.  Even in their worst years has the team never experienced this horrid of a season.  This team had lofty expectations of at the very least competing for the NL Wildcard.  Due to injury and VERY questionable moves, the team now is in the basement of the MLB and decisions being made by Manager Jim Tracy are being questioned by Rockies fans.

The pitching staff has been down right atrocious from the get go.

In the offseason, the Rockies let Roy Oswalt get passed them, then they proceeded to trade Jason Hammel to the Baltimore Orioles for Jeremy Gutherie.  His last season with the Rox, Hammel did have a drop off in the number of strikeouts he produced, and did give up timely runs to the opposition.  But to his defense, his numbers across the broad show that he was consistent, he gave quality starts as the 5th starter in the rotation but never received much run support as well.  Continue reading Faith and Loyalty is Holding the Rockies Back