Power-Hitting Pitchers!

Its time for Interleague Play and the inevitable debate over whether NL teams get an advantage because their pitchers actually touch a bat every few days instead of once a season. It’s a moot point because pitchers in either league rarely hit, so AL coaches should quit complaining. They are going to have to get used to it next year when interleague games are spread throughout the season instead of over a few weeks stretch.

Watching AL pitchers take pathetic whiffs in NL stadiums makes me wonder who the best power-hitting pitcher is.

We love to see pitchers drive in runs, run the bases in their goofy warm-up jackets, and hit home runs. It doesn’t happen often, so we get some excitement when it does happen. Unfortunately in most NL games the pitcher is a rally killer when they come to the plate. Continue reading Power-Hitting Pitchers!