Show Me The Money- A Look At The Mets Ex-Wife

Did you know the New York Mets are paying $1,193,248 to a 49 year old third baseman who hasn’t played professional baseball since 2001? That’s right  former All-Star Bobby Bonilla is under contract with the Mets until 2035 and will be paid a lump sum payment of 1.1 million dollars every July 01st until he is the ripe old age of 73.

This Met Money fiasco all began in 1999 when the Mets Management wanted to cut ties with an aging overpaid Bobby-Bo however were reluctant to pony up the remaining $5.9 million on his contract.

So in their infinite wisdom Mets owner Fred Wilpon and then-GM Steve Phillips offered Bonilla a buyout with a twist.

The Mets would buyout Bonilla and defer his remaining $5.9 million for 11 years whereupon they would then begin paying a yearly lump sum for the next 25 years, Bonilla and his agent agreed to the unique buyout at a yearly interest rate of 8%. Continue reading Show Me The Money- A Look At The Mets Ex-Wife

New York Celebrates John Santana!

Johan Santana made history today by throwing the first ever no hitter in New York Mets franchise history. Generations of fans can no say they have seen the Mets throw a no hitter because it took them 50 years to accomplish this feat and it has finally happened. What better player could of deserved it too? Santana has come a long way from surgery and this marked his second complete game shutout in a row. Generations of fans have waited long for this day and they should be proud.

Santana, who didn’t even have his best stuff that game did what most or all fans thought they’d never see; throw a no-hitter in a New York Mets uniform.

He had eight strike outs and five walks. He threw deep into many counts which is why he had such a high pitch count of 134 pitches. He had about 93 in the 7th inning and figured once he walked a batter and gave up a hit he would most definitely be taken out. Continue reading New York Celebrates John Santana!