Contenders, Pretenders, and the Pending Firesales of 2012 – The N.L. East

As we begin to hit the period of critical mass in the 2012 Major League Baseball season, the rumor mill has begun to swirl with trade gossip and the always fun topic of figuring out the teams that will be playing buyers and sellers during that last week of July.

By division, let’s take a look at which teams are shaping up to be plugging holes for a stretch run, which teams are still trying to find themselves, and which teams are getting ready to throw another log on the ol’ fire.

We will start tonight with the National League East, a division that is shaping up to be one of the best races we have seen in some time.

 National League East

Currently, both East divisions are loaded with every team above .500 but the National League is where the real drama will unfold as the season hits the mid-point in July.  Continue reading Contenders, Pretenders, and the Pending Firesales of 2012 – The N.L. East

Cubs’ Castro Here for the Long Haul.

Rumors that Theo Epstein and the Cubs were shopping Starlin Castro in a trade swirled amid a USA Today report that the club is shopping everyone on the roster with the exception of Jeff Samardzija.

My initial reaction to this article was shock, because I don’t think Theo Epstein would be that foolish to trade a shortstop that is the only legitimate bat in the lineup and represent the very player that Epstein should be building around.

At 22 years old and under team control until 2017, trading Castro should not even be a consideration for a team that needs more players of his ilk to contend in the National League Central division.

Trading him for a bundle of prospects would further alienate a fan base that’s grown tired of waiting til next year.  Continue reading Cubs’ Castro Here for the Long Haul.

Is Adam Jones Good?

Last week Adam Jones signed a deal with the Orioles for $85 million over six years, the largest contract in Orioles history. That’s a very large commitment from both the team’s and the player’s perspective. It always brings up a multitude of questions: Is this a good deal? Will the player perform up to value over the length of the deal? Does the deal affect the team’s ability to sign other valuable players?

The answers to each of those questions are always unknown immediately, so I want to take a look at something that can be determined right now.

Is Adam Jones a good player? Continue reading Is Adam Jones Good?