Giant Perspective

freecomputerdesktopwallpaper.comIn the midst of an all-time stretch where the SF Giants have now tossed 4 shutouts, I feel we as fans need to stop here and smell the proverbial roses. What a season it has been so far.

And no, it hasn’t been the famed 2010 season but it’s slowly creeping its way there. The pitching has been downright dominant with the third best ERA in the NL. Similar to the way Lincecum, Bumgarner, Cain and Jonathan Sanchez pitched in 2010, this current group of Cain, Bumgarner, Vogelsong, a resurgent Zito, and an improving Lincecum, this may very well be better.

Hell, these things are happening.

Bumgarner, with yesterday’s one-hit shutout currently sports a 2.85 ERA. Did you know he’s 22? 22!

Matt Moore, the much-heralded pitching prospect of the Tampa Rays Rays is 23 and owns an ERA above 4. This isn’t to say Moore is good or bad or great but this just brings into light how absurdly great Bumgarner is, has been, and will become. Absolutely astonishing. Continue reading Giant Perspective

Clay Buchholz Uses DL Trip to Party

No Red Sox fan will forget the collapse of September 2011 and the reports that followed about the in game “activities” of the starting rotation. On nights when certain starters (Beckett, Lester, Lackey) were not pitching they descended into the club house to play video games, drink beer and eat fried chicken. The immature actions became the poster of failure for the 2011 Red Sox. It led to Terry Francona being ousted as the manager.

It led to Theo Epstein jumping to take the President of Baseball Operations job for the Cubs. It forced ownership to make a change and bring in a disciplinarian (Bobby Valentine).

Early in Spring Training all alcohol was banned from the clubhouse. Yet despite all the changes made by the Sox the immaturity of their roster, particularly their starters, continues to rear its ugly head. Continue reading Clay Buchholz Uses DL Trip to Party

Royal Candidates

It is sign that the process is finally starting to show results.  Dayton Moore has verbally pounded us for six years, telling us to be patient.  If Royals stick to the process, eventually the process will net real results on the field.  Finally, we are seeing those results.  For the first time in many, many years, the Kansas City Royals have some actual, real, legitimate candidates for the Major League Baseball All Star game in Kaufman Stadium on July 10th.

The most deserving Royal, taking positions into account, in my opinion, is Mike Moustakas.

The 22-year old has been a consistent producer at the plate all season and his defense has been much better than anticipated.  Moose has 13 home runs, over 60 runs produced, and a .842 OPS.  Moustakas is in the top 5 among AL third basemen in numerous offensive categories.  The biggest problem for Moose is that there are two of the best offensive players in the American League playing third base.  Continue reading Royal Candidates