Next Man Up

When you think of the phrase “next man up,” what comes to mind?  Right, football.  Offensive lineman goes down, next man up.  Running back limps off the field, next man up.  Nature of the beast.  Not generally used in baseball.  But “next man up” perfectly summarizes the St. Louis Cardinals’ season thus far.  In football, you have a 53-man roster; in baseball, it’s a 25-man roster.

A football team uses 20% (11 players) of its roster at a given time.  A baseball team uses 36% of its roster (9 players) at a given time.

All teams in sports have critical, virtually irreplaceable players, but football teams generally are able to assemble more depth than a baseball team.  So when a baseball team (like the Cardinals) suffers a sudden rash of injuries, it’s usually more noticeable.  Continue reading Next Man Up

Blue Jays Banter And Ramblings……

As a devote Toronto Blue Jays fan I thought I would write a blog about the ramblings and banter within the Jays organization the past few weeks.


Firstly former All-Star first baseman Adam Lind was demoted to Triple A Las Vegas in an attempt to re-acquire his swing from 2009 when he dominated the American League East to a tune of 35 home runs and 114 rbis.

Lind was also placed on outright waivers but it appears he was not claimed and will remain a Blue Jay.

In Vegas Lind has played 2 games and connected for 3 hits and a home run in the hitter friendly Pacific Coast League. There is no timetable set for Lind to return to Toronto as of yet.


In a corresponding move catcher Yan Gomes was called up to the big club to fill the roster spot voided by the departure of Lind. Gomes was tearing up Triple A at the time of his promotion. Gomes became the first Brazilian player to ever suit up in a major league game when he made his debut with the Jays. Continue reading Blue Jays Banter And Ramblings……

The Heart is finally showing…

Carlos Ruiz, catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies made his major league debut in 2006 and became a full time start in 2007. Since becoming the starting catcher of this great era in Philadelphia baseball he has become the backbone of this Philadelphia Phillies team. People, however, don’t like to give the man behind the plate a lot of credit, but he has been one of the best defensive players for this team that has 3 Gold Glove winners. Also, according to Ruiz has been number 1 in the categories of fielding percentage at .998 and Catchers ERA at 3.76 (Catcher’s earned-run average. Earned run average of club’s pitchers with a particular catcher behind the plate) since 2008.

You can argue that Yadier Molina (Cardinals) or Brian McCann (Braves) are better at the plate, which has granted them more success to the national media.

You would have been correct last year and the year before. This year, however, Ruiz is making a stand. A stand that will include a trip to this year’s ALL-STAR game if he keeps this momentum going. He is batting well over .300, .359 to be exact, and is making the clutch hits this team has so desperately needed. He leads this Phillies team in Batting Average, on base Percentage and Hits. Continue reading The Heart is finally showing…