Total team effort pulls the Red Sox to the .500 mark.

According to reports David Ortiz held a players only meeting on May 11th, which reportedly was very heated. Since that point the Red Sox are 9-2, and find their record at .500 for the first time since April 30th. The streak has been lead by excellent starting pitching, and timely hitting.

The bullpen, which has been a strength lately, has been lights out.

Vicente Padilla has not allowed an inherited run to score all season, going 0-15 in those situations.

Closer Alfredo Aceves is starting to settle into the unfamiliar role, not allowing a run in his last 6 appearances. Lefty Andrew Miller has been dominant since being recalled to the big leagues failing to allow a run in 8 appearances. Continue reading

Closer Chris Perez sounds off to fans about attendance, and I hear him loud and clear!

It wasn’t too long ago that the Cleveland Faithful couldn’t even fathom the idea of having the lowest average attendance in the majors, let alone have that even tied together that the fact they are playing great baseball and are atop of the American League Central.

But that 10 year span and 455 straight home sell outs is long in the rear view mirror and instead of Celebrating what should be a great start to the year (and totally different from last year)

The only talk to come out of the Cuyahoga Camp is the angry rant of closer Chris Perez (@chrisperez45) and his displeasure towards us

Now before you get the pitchforks and torches out (or point them at me) take a breath and realize he’s right! We should be ashamed and embarrassed that we can’t get out and support a team playing their butts off for a city that ranks them as the 3rd most popular team during a time when the other 2 aren’t even playing. Continue reading