GetReal is Playing Catch Up and Coming on Strong

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Wendy’s followed MacDonalds ; Pepsi followed Coke ; and Apple followed Sony. Most readers don’t remember the Walkman but those who do remember everyone walking around with their own tunes on their hip. It was a breakthrough for Sony. Then the Boys from Sony brought design into the world of the PC with pink, blue and black Sony Vaio computers. Guys like Dell were caught off guard but didn’t adapt. You who did adapt ? Apple adapted. They took both ideas and created the stylish tidal wave which allowed them to conquer the world. No one has a Walkman now and Vaios are far from popular. IPODs , IPADs , and Macbooks on the other hand have taken over the world.

The lesson here is obvious:

Take a good idea and make it great !!!

GetReal is ready to that with the best bloggers . We want to make this user generated content platform the biggest and best in the world.

We have four blogs in full swing and we are looking for the best NHL, EPL, EIHL,KHL, NFL, NCAA, CFL, and MLB bloggers to join the team. Continue reading GetReal is Playing Catch Up and Coming on Strong


The Boys of Summer have it the field this spring and we are quickly learning to expect the unexpected. Sometimes MLB players and teams are said to be boring but this year could be different. MLB headlines are hitting the mainstream press and it should be a sign to fans that 2012 could be different. I guess it is the year of hmmmm…

The most obvious of the attention grabbing headlines this season was the the PR fiasco the Marlins had when their manager proclaimed an admiration for Fidel Castro. Ozzie Guillen put his foot in his mouth in a huge way by disclosing this to the media. He managed to alienate the Cuban fan base of the Marlins and simultaneously confirm that his previous media blunders with the White Sox were not an accident.

Although he can manage ; he has a gift for PR blunders.

Hopefully the Marlins can keep Ozzie in the clubhouse for the rest of the year and the Marlins can concentrate on baseball. The Miami market is essential for MLB and the sport can’t afford any more bad blood with the core of their fan base in the state. Continue reading MLB SEASON OFF TO A CRAZY START